The Babe (1992)




Director:    Arthur Hiller.

Starring:     John Goodman (George Herman 'Babe' Ruth), Kelly McGillis (Claire Hodgson Ruth), Trini Alvarado (Helen Woodford Ruth), Bruce Boxleitner (Jumpin' Joe Dugan), Peter Donat (Harry Frazee), James Cromwell (Brother Mathias), J.C. Quinn (Jack Dunn), Joseph Ragno (Miller Huggins), Richard Tyson (Guy Bush), Ralph Marrero (Frank 'Ping' Bodie), Robert Swan (George Herman Ruth Sr.), Bernard Kates (Colonel Jack Ruppert), Michael McGrady (Lou Gehrig), Stephen Caffrey (Johnny Sylvester), Gene Ross (Brother Paul).

Babe Ruth was the greatest player in the game of baseball.  Not because he was the best hitter, but because he dominated his time like no ever baseball had ever or has ever done.  He was a man larger than life which no other ball player can match. 




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