The Doors (1991)




Director:    Oliver Stone.

Starring:     Val Kilmer (Jim Morrison), Meg Ryan (Pamela Courson), Kyle MacLachlan (Ray Manzarek), Frank Whaley (Robby Krieger), Kevin Dillon (John Densmore), Michael Wincott (Paul Rothchild), Michael Madsen (Tom Baker), Josh Evans (Bill Siddons), Dennis Burkley (Dog), Billy Idol (Cat), Kathleen Quinlan (Patricia Kennealy), John Densmore (Engineer - Last Session), Gretchen Becker (Mom), Jerry Sturm (Dad), Sean Stone (Young Jim).

A solid biopic of the musical group the Doors with Jim Morrison as it lead singer.  Morisson is a tragic figure.  He starts out in Southern California in 1965 as just a guy who likes to write poetry, but with the musical group's success he soon is engulfed by fame and mishandles the his new environment by becoming dependent on a mixture of booze and drugs.  His behavior gets more out of hand and it starts to affect his musical performances.  But no one can stop Morrison's descent into hell and the leather pants-wearing "Lizard King" died in a Paris hotel room in 1971


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