The Rose (1979)



Director:      Mark Rydell.

Starring:      Bette Midler (Mary Rose Foster), Alan Bates (Rudge Campbell), Frederic Forrest (Huston Dyer), Harry Dean Stanton (Billy Ray), Barry Primus (Dennis), David Keith (Pfc. Mal), Sandra McCabe (Sarah Willingham), Will Hare (Mr. Leonard), Rudy Bond (Monty), Don Calfa (Don Frank), James Keane (Sam), Doris Roberts (Mrs. Foster), Sandy Ward (Mr. Foster, Rose's Father), Michael Greer (Emcee), Kenny Sacha (Female Impersonator).

The story here is modeled after the life of Janis Joplin.  Bette Midler plays Rose, a talented singer with a dark past that now expresses itself in alcoholism and drug addiction. Her manager is no help since he completely dominates and controls her and refuses to give her a break in her rigorous concert schedule.  

Bette Midler, who also had a tough childhood, wonderfully catches the insecurities and worries of the damaged singer.



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