Ha-Hesder (Time of Favor) (2002)




Director:    Joseph Cedar.

Starring:     Aki Avni (Menachem), Tinkerbell (Michal), Idan Alterman (Pini), Assi Dayan (Rabbi Meltzer), Micha Celektar (Itamar), Amnon Volf (Mookie), Shimon Mimran (Benny), Uri Klauzner (Sivan), Samuel Calderon (Doron).

Menachem, an Orthodox Army officer living in a West Bank settlement run by Rabbi Meltzer who preaches the need for Jews to rule all of the Holy Land, finds himself torn between duty and faith when he leads an all-Orthodox unit




Spoiler Warning: below is a summary of the entire movie.

A soldier waits at a bus stop. A mini-van stops to give him a ride. He gets off the bus along with a young woman. She asks him if he's on leave. He says he has two days leave. And yes he will be here at the settlement most of the time. She says good-bye.








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