Tirad Pass: The Story of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar (1997)




Director:     Carlo J.  Caparas.

Starring:      Romnick Sarmenta (Gregorio del Pilar),  Joel Torre (Emilio Aguinaldo),  Gretchen Barretto (Dolores Josefa),   Julio Diaz (Deodato Arellano).

Language:     Filipino/Tagalog.

story of the Filipino Revolution to oust the USA from the Philippines




Spoiler Warning:




Historical Background:


1875 ( November 14)  --  Gregorio Del Pilar was born, the fifth of six siblings.

1896  --  he received a Bachelor's degree from Ateneo Municipal de Manila at the age of 20.

1896-1898  --  the Philippine Revolution between the people of the Philippines and Spanish colonial authorities.  Del Pilar joins the insurgency and shines as a field commander while fighting Spanish garrisons in Bulacan.

1896 (December 28)  --  del Pilar participates in an attack in Kakarong de Sili - Pandi, Bulacan.

1897 (January 1)  --   he fights against a Spanish counterattack that retakes the town.  His forehead is grazed by a bullet.  Del Pilar's bravery in battle wins him a promotion to Lieutenant.

1897 (August)  --  as Captain he meets with Emilio Aguinaldo and tells him of a plan to an attack on a Spanish garrison in Paombong, Bulacan. Aguinaldo approves the plan and it is successful.  Then Aguinaldo makes del Pilara Lieutenant Colonel A

1897 (December 14)  the Pact of Biak-na-Bato is signed and it creates a truce between Spanish Colonial Governor-General Fernando Primo de Rivera and Emilio Aguinaldo to end the Philippine Revolution. The rebels get amnesty in return for agreeing to go into voluntary exile in Hong Kong.  Del Pilar goes into exile in Hong Kong with the other leaders. 

1898  --  Spanish-American war.  The Americans defeat the Spanish in the Battle of Manila Bay.  Aguinaldo names del Pilar Dictator of Bulacan and Nueva Ecija provinces.

1898 (June 24)  --  del Pilar accepts the Spanish surrender of his home town of Bulacan. After that he becomes a Brigadier General.

1899 (February)  --  the Philippine-American War begins after the sale of the Philippines to the United States in the Treaty of Paris of 1898

1899 (April 23)  --  Del Pilar and his troops are victorious over Major Franklin Bell in the first phase of the Battle of Quingua. His forces kill the highly respected Colonel John M. Stotsenburg, after whom Clark Air Base was originally named.

1899 (December 2)  --  del Pilar is killed by a shot to his neck in the Battle of Tirad Pass against the "Texas Regiment", the 33rd Infantry Regiment of the United States led by Peyton C. March.

1902  --  end of the Philippine-American War. 





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