To Be or Not to Be (1949)




Director:  Ernst Lubitsch.

Starring:  Carole Lombard (Maria Tura), Jack Benny (Joseph Tura), Robert Stack (Lt. Stanislav Sobinski), Felix Bressart (Greenberg), Lionel Atwill (Rawitch), Stanley Ridges (Prof. Alexander Siletsky), Sig Rumann (Col. Ehrhardt), Tom Dugan (Bronski), Charles Halton (Dobosh), Peter Caldwell (Wilhelm Kunze), Helmut Dantine (Copilot), Otto Reichow (Copilot), Miles Mander (Maj. Cunningham).

A vain Polish actor and his wife star in an anti-Nazi play in 1939 Poland. The play is censored and replaced with another. The wife is enamored of a Polish fighter pilot who had to flee to England to be part of the Polish squadron of the RAF. The pilot thinks that his old mentor Prof. Siletsky is heading from England to Warsaw on a secret mission to provide information to the Nazis on the Polish Resistance and is determined to prevent this act of espionage.



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