Tobruk (1967)




Director:     Arthur Hiller.

Starring:     Rock Hudson (Maj. Donald Craig),  George Peppard (Capt. Bergman),  Nigel Green (Colonel Harker),  Guy Stockwell (Lt. Mohnfeld),  Jack Watson (Sgt. Major Tyne),  Percy Herbert (Dolan),  Norman Rossington (Alfie),  Liam Redmond (Henry Portman),  Heidy Hunt (Cheryl Portman),  Leo Gordon (Sgt. Krug),  Robert Wolders (Corporal Bruckner),  Anthony Ashdown (Lt. Boyden),  Curt Lowens (German Colonel),  Rico Cattani (Cpl. Stuhler),   Peter Coe (Tuareg Chieftain),   Lawrence Montaigne (Italian Officer),  Robert F. Hoy (British Corporal),  Phil Adams (S.I.G. Bocker),  Ronnie Rondell Jr. (S.I.G. Schell).

a special British military unit made up of Germans rescue a Canadian POW major to have him help lead an attack on a major Nazi fuel depot in Tobruk, Libya



Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film. 




Patrick L. Cooney, Ph. D. 





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