Two Thousand Women  (1944)





Director:     Frank Launder.

Starring:     Phyllis Calvert (Freda Thompson), Flora Robson (Miss Manningford), Patricia Roc (Rosemary Brown), Renee Houston (Maud Wright), Reginald Purdell (Alec Harvey), Anne Crawford (Margaret Long), Jean Kent (Bridie Johnson), James McKechnie (Jimmy Moore), Robert Arden (Dave Kennedy), Carl Jaffe (Sergt. Hentzner), Muriel Aked (Miss Meredith), Kathleen Boutall (Mrs. Hadfield), Hilda Campbell-Russell (Mrs. Hope Latimer), Christiana Forbes (Frau Holweg), Thora Hird (Mrs. Burtshaw).

2,000 women are inmates in a WWII German concentration camp in France




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