The Ugly American (1963)





Director:     George H. Englund.

Starring:     Marlon Brando (Ambassador Harrison Carter MacWhite), Eiji Okada (Deong), Sandra Church (Marion MacWhite), Pat Hingle (Homer Atkins), Arthur Hill (Grainger), Jocelyn Brando (Emma Atkins), Kukrit Pramoj (Prime Minister Kwen Sai), Judson Pratt (Joe Bing), Reiko Sato (Rachani, Deong's Wife), George Shibata (Munsang), Judson Laire (Senator Brenner), Philip Ober (Ambassador Sears), Yee Tak Yip (Sawad, Deong's Assistant), Carl Benton Reid (Senator at Confirmation Hearing), Simon Scott.


Many Americans are so wonderfully naive that they simply cannot imagine how anyone could be anti-American. After all, we are the good guys, aren't we? So one answer for the anti-Americanism was searched for not in America's conservative policies or its racism, but rather in the bad behavior of some Americans abroad -- you know, there's always one rotten apple in the barrel. And at the time this was an idea that was very popular. Now we are a little more used to anti-American attitudes, but back then it was fairly new, as following World War II we certainly were number 1 and big time criticism of America started.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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