Refractaire (The Undercover War)  (2009)





Director:     .

Starring:     Guillaume Gouix (René), Pierre Niney (Armand), Arthur Dupont (Théo), Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet (François), Judith Davis (Lou), Carlo Brandt (Jacques), Marianne Basler (Malou), Swann Arlaud (Ady), Thierry van Werveke (Edouard), Hervé Sogne (Schupo 2), André Jung (Professeur nazi), Yoann Denaive (Enrico), Michel Voïta (Pierrot), Luc Feit (Gestapiste), Massimo Brancatelli (Un étudiant / un officier Allemand).

in Nazi-occupied Luxembourg 21 year old Francois will have to fight for the Nazis or go into hiding in the countryside iron mines




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