Wag the Dog (1997)



Director:    Barry Levinson.

Starring:    Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Anne Heche, Denis Leary, Willie Nelson.

De Niro plays the man brought in to a presidential campaign two weeks before an upcoming election to distract the nation from charges of presidential sexual shenanigans in the Oval Office.  His solution is to fabricate a conflict with Albania bringing in Hollywood producer Hoffman to create the illusion of war. When this doesn't work, the new line is the charge that an American soldier has been left behind enemy lines and the president just has to get him back.

This movie idea got a lot of discussion in the press and other media as a negative reflection on Bill Clinton who actually was involved in sexual misconduct in the Oval Office. Since Clinton never took the U.S. into war and kept even the attempts to kill terrorist Osama Bin Laden a secret, the idea of war as a distraction proved a hypothetical one.

While Hollywood worried about a fake war, President George Bush II started two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. 


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