The Way Ahead (1944)




Director:     Carol Reed.

Starring:     David Niven (Lieutenant Jim Perry), Stanley Holloway (Pvt. Ted Brewer), James Donald (Pvt. Evan Lloyd), John Laurie (Pvt. Luke), Leslie Dwyer (Pvt. Sid Beck), Hugh Burden (Pvt. Bill Parsons), Jimmy Hanley (Pvt. Geoffrey Stainer), William Hartnell (Sgt. Ned Fletcher), Reginald Tate (The Training Company Commanding Officer), Leo Genn (Captain Edwards), John Ruddock (Chelsea Pensioner), A. Bromley Davenport (Chelsea Pensioner), Renée Asherson (Marjorie Gillingham), Mary Jerrold (Mrs. Gillingham), Tessie O'Shea (Herself - ENSA Entertainer).

the film covers the training of a bunch of recruits to transform them into good fighters and make the group a real, effective military unit




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