The Way We Were (1973)





Director:    Sydney Pollack

Starring:     Barbra Streisand (Katie), Robert Redford (Hubbell), Bradford Dillman (J.J.), Lois Chiles (Carol Ann), Patrick O'Neal (George Bissinger), Viveca Lindfors (Paula Reisner), Allyn Ann McLerie (Rhea Edwards), Murray Hamilton (Brooks Carpenter), Herb Edelman (Bill Verso), Diana Ewing (Vicki Bissinger), Sally Kirkland (Pony Dunbar), Marcia Mae Jones (Peggy Vanderbilt), Don Keefer (Actor), George Gaynes (El Morocco Captain), Eric Boles (Army Corporal).

This is one of the most romantic movies of all time.  It is set in the activist times of the Great Depression and then the following McCarthy era.  Even if all the odds are against a lasting relationship between a Jewish girl (Barbara Streisand) and an all-American guy (Robert Redford), there is that core of love that keeps them going in spite of all the ups and downs. Streisand is wonderful as the young political activist who never gives up her political ideals even if she does love one of the most conformist guys in the U.S.  It's a match-up between the blonde man-god, for whom everything is easy, (partly because he is of the right ethnic group), and the minority woman, who fights for her rights.  In fact, the only good thing about the Redford character is that he was at least smart enough to see the good qualities in Streisand's character.

Patrick L. Cooney, Ph. D.








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