Flor Silvestre (Wild Flower) (1943)




Director:     Emilio Fernández.

Starring:     Dolores del Rio (Esperanza),  Pedro Armendáriz (Jose Luis Castro), (Rogelio Torres), Miguel Ángel Ferriz (Don Francisco), Armando Soto La Marina (Reynaldo), Agustín Isunza (Nicanor), Eduardo Arozamena (Melchor), Mimí Derba (Dona Clara), Margarita Cortés (Hermana de José Luis), Manuel Dondé (Úrsulo Torres), Salvador Quiroz (Coronel Rubén Peña y Berlanga), José Elías Moreno (Coronel Pánfilo Rodríguez), Lucha Reyes (Cantante en el Jaripeo), Trío Calaveras (Músicos en el jaripeo), Pedro Galindo (Pedro)..

set against the Mexican Revolution, class differences between a rich man and poor woman leads to family divisions



Spoiler Warning:  summary of the entire movie. 

Esperanza tells her military cadet son the story of her and his father's love story.  His father Jose Luis came from a rich landowning family, but he believed in the ideal of egalitarianism inherent in the Mexican Revolution. The boy's mother, however, came from a poor peasant family.  They marry secretly and are happy.  When his father's family discovers the marriage, they disinherit their son.   Esperaanza are later kidnapped by false revolutionaries.  Jose Luis is killed when he attempts to rescue his wife and son. 

Summary from:   Andrea Noble, Mexican National Cinema.  New York: Routledge, 2005.







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