Tuulepealne maa (Windward Land) (2008)





Director:     Ain Prosa.

Starring:     Märt Avandi (Indrek Kallaste), Rasmus Kaljujärv (Toomas Roo), Mirtel Pohla (Maret Kallaste), Evelin Võigemast (Adele Kallaste), Marko Matvere (Artur Kallaste), Üllar Saaremäe (Karl Ploompuu), Kristjan Sarv (Leo Solba), Tõnu Oja (Joosep Roo), Indrek Taalmaa (Konstantin Päts), Andrus Vaarik (Osvald Kallaste), Ülle Lichtfeldt (Maria Kallaste), Liina-Riin Olmaru (Elfriede Kallaste), Anne Reemann ( Inge Roo), Marin Mägi (Marju Roo), Veljo Reinik (Anton Telg), Ago Anderson (Herbert Sammal), Eero Spriit (Johan Laidoner), Taavi Teplenkov (Sarapiku Jass), Marika Vaarik (Asta Thal), Guido Kangur (Martin Liivet), Hele Kõre (Iivi), Ester Pajusoo (Reet), Eduard Toman (Vorontsov), Jaanus Mehikas (Nikolai Ots), Kaido Veermäe (Rein Salusoo).

Estonians want their own country, WWI forward



Spoiler Warning:  


Part One: Independence for a Day. 

July 1917.  Toomas!  Tony!  The two boys row their boat toward the shore.  Their father is away at war.  They hit a human body in the water.  One boy says it's their father and the other says it's not because father is in Austria.  The boys row to the shore.  Mom is happy to see them but she also slaps at them for scaring her and her daughter Marju. 

A man who looks very poor comes home and is warmly greeted.  The fellow has his back thrashed with leaves on a branch.  He says now he truly feels back home.  His wife asks him what are these?  They are two bullet holes.  One barely grazed his side and the other went right through his body.  He then says he's happy to see the boys working like men. 

Then there is another family that looks extremely wealthy and wears suits and nice dresses.  . 

The wife of the poor man says that his son Toomas plans to continue his studies in town.  At dinner dad says he was wounded in Galitia, and that was the end of his fighting.  He came home mostly on cargo trains, until Tartu.  From Tartu he walked home.  His wife thinks they will send her husband back to the fighting.  Hubby says:  "Whose going to look for me down here?  The Russian Empire is rotting like a ship run upon the rocks."  Dad also says that most of the time they were just sitting in trenches with lice all over them. 

The rich men are trying to find a suitable coat of arms because, they say, every proper manor must have a coat of arms.  The children have kicked a ball onto the roof.  One of the men tells Maret to go get the ball.  Maret tells the man to go get it himself.  So the man goes out, followed by Maret and Adele.  The man, however, refuses to climb up a tree to get onto the roof so he can retrieve the ball.  So Maret has to do it.  When Maret comes into the house her mother scolds her for climbing up the tree like a boy.  Maret should try to be a woman.  Maret says she doesn't want to be a woman.  She wants to be a man because only men are allowed to do everything. 

In the poor family, father calls out for Toomas saying that they have to set the nets in the water right now.  Toomas is out reading a book.  Dad goes and gets him and wants him to help him.  Toomas says let Tony do it. Dad says Tony has his own chores and luckily Tony does those chores.  But Toomas is the older boy and must soon take charge.  Toomas says let Tony take charge.  And he says that he's going to school, even if he has to run away. 

Dad realizes that he can't force Toomas to take charge of the farm, but he does ask Toomas to stay for two weeks and help him do some of the more urgent tasks around the farm.  Dad says he will go to town and find a manservant to help them. 

September 1917.  Toomas Roo is going to school in another town.   He comes and meets his landlady who says he's two hours late.  Toomas will be sharing a room with Mr. Sammal, who sometimes comes home late. 

Mr. Sammal comes in at midnight.  He awakens Toomas and the man has a woman with him.  In the morning at breakfast Herbert Sammal introduces himself to Toomas.  Mrs. Asta scolds Sammal the tailor for having a guest up in his room.  She says she forbids him to have any more "customers" up in his room. Toomas says his goodbyes and leaves for school. 

Being the new guy at the school, Toomas gets a little rough treatment at first.  When he gets to his class the male teacher asks him why is he a week late?  Toomas says because he had to help his father on the farm.  Then the teacher asks him why is he late for the class?  Toomas says he got lost in town.  That gets a big laugh from the guys.  During a break, student Jaan Metsalt introduces himself to Toomas. 

The guy that gave Toomas a bad time, named Indrek, now demands to know whether Toomas is a nationalist or a red?  Toomas says he doesn't think in terms of political labels.  The fellow says Toomas better shape up and be a nationalist because they want everyone in the class to be a nationalist. 

The bully plus three friends purchase a pistol, a Mauser.  They give the man their money, but the man refuses to give them his Mauser.  He just takes the money and runs.  Indrek says Kallijaks was the only one wise enough not to take part in this. 

Three men are talking together.  Two of the men tell the lawyer father of the rich family to think about them having their own independent Estonian country, but this must be kept a secret.  Indrek listens into their talk.  He makes a noise and is discovered.  The military man tells him to stop or he'll shoot.  The boy is brought into the room and it turns out to be Indrek, the son of the lawyer.  The two men have a good laugh and then leave the room.  Indrek is so excited about the possibility of an independent Estonia.  Father tells him to calm down and don't discuss the matter with anyone. 

The next day Toomas brings some fried herring into school and puts it in the bully's bag.  This gets the fellow in trouble with the teacher.  The bully whispers that he'll have a little talk with Toomas later. 

The gang of four now purchase a pistol off an alcoholic Russian sailor for two bottles of vodka. 

Indrek picks a fight with Toomas.  They go outside with the rest of the class coming along.  Toomas easily bests the bully.  Then Indrek grabs a pistol and gives another pistol to Toomas.  They count off ten paces and whirl around.  Toomas is about to fire his weapon when Adele knocks his hand up in the air and the pistol goes off.  Indrek is mad now because he thought the pistols were not loaded.  This was supposed to be a joke on the new guy, but obviously the pistols were loaded.  Adele says she could have gotten killed because of the student holding the pistols.  Adele and Maret say they are going to tell mother and father about what happened today at school. 

November 1917.  Sammal comes into the room to tell Toomas that the reds dispersed the Landtag [Parliament]..  A bunch of tramps moved to Dome Hill.  Before that Landtag declared itself to be the highest power and government. 

The new P.E. teacher asks Toomas if he can shoot a rifle?  Yes, because he would hunt with his father.  And can Toomas follow the teacher's commands without hesitation?  He says Russians are murdering people in broad daylight, and the Germans want the Estonians to slave in their manor houses again.  But the Estonians want their own country so they won't have to be slaves.  Toomas says the P.E. teacher can count on him.  He also tells Toomas that this conversation never happened. 

February 1918.  Sammal awakens Toomas.  He tells Toomas that yesterday was February 1, but now the paper says it's February 14.  Toomas reminds Sammal that they have now instituted the new calendar, that's all. 

A man walks to the office of Barrister at Law Artur Kallaste.  He tells the lawyer that the trip to Haapsalu [a seaside resort town located on the west coast of Estonia] was a failure because the Germans were already there.  Artur reads:  "Manifesto to the Nations of Estonia".  He says:  "One piece of paper and behind it a 1,000 year dream of a nation."  He adds:  "Until this paper is in our hands there is no Estonian State."  The other fellow says that maybe they can settle the matter before the Germans take over. 

Artur tells his secretary Helmi that he will be out of the office for two days.  He leaves and now three big Russian sailors with rifles come storming into the law office.  The biggest fellow grabs Helmi by the throat and demands to know where the lawyer is.  She says he just left the office a little while ago.  

Artur passes by a prostitute.  He stops and asks her if she wants to earn some money?  Yes.  He gives her the manifesto and says he will be back.  He starts walking away.  The Russians catch up with him.  Artur plays dumb when they ask him where did he hide the manifesto?  The leader tells Artur that they have been watching him for a long time.  They search him.  Finding nothing, they rush back to the office to search there. 

Artur gets his manifesto from the woman and gives her some money. 

Sammal says at the breakfast table that something is going on out on the streets.  He came over Dome Hill and saw the reds shepherding some young men with guns pointed at them.  It's a sign that they are facing difficult times. 

Back home, Artur folds up the manifesto and stashes it beneath his heel.  He grabs up a pistol and this alarms his wife Maria.  He gets passed two sailors by acting extremely inebriated. 

The P.E. teacher gets all the boys from Toomas' class.  He goes to a hiding place where he has rifles stashed.  He explains to the boys that he was appointed the commander in chief for their school.  The teacher adds that when the Estonian State has declared its independence and its own government starts working, it will be their duty to provide the defense for them. 

Artur drives a car through the woods, but is stopped by two armed guards.  Artur starts backing up his car and the guards start shooting at him.  He drives to his brother's house and asks for his brother's help.  The brother has workers that often go to Pärnu [a summer vacation resort in southwestern Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Riga in the Baltic Sea].  He says he needs a ride to Pärnu.  The brother agrees to help Artur. 

February 23, 1918.  Pärnu Postimes Editor's Office.   Artur show the manifesto to the editor and says it must be printed and publicly declared.  The editor says that he, as a Landtag deputy, will address the manifesto publicly. 

February 24, 1918.  The Manifesto of Independence is plastered up around the city.  Toomas' class is told that the reds are fleeing by boats.  And in Pärnu independence has been declared.  So their job is to go to the ports and keep an eye on the fleeing Russians. 

The class sees the Russian grabbing arms and ammunition to take with them.  A fire fight starts.  Kallijaks by himself runs at the Russians' position with his pistol and gets shot down.  But this scares the Russians enough to set them to running off without the material they wanted.  Kallijaks is dead.  Everyone takes off their hats to him.  The boys go back to their class.  The P.E. teacher tells them to clean their guns and he will see them in class tomorrow.  Indrek now thanks Toomas for saving his life.  He invites him over to meet his family and his sisters. 

So Toomas goes to the home of Artur Kallaste.  He tells everyone at the table that they barely managed to publicly declare the manifesto before the Germans came in.  And today the same thing happened her in Tallinn [the capital and largest city of Estonia, situated on the northern coast of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 80 km (50 mi) south of Helsinki].  The manifesto was read out in the churches and the squares.  And for the first time their tricolor flag was hoisted up in Tall Hermann's tower.  And Kallijaks will be honored as the first to fall in the cause of Estonian independence.  Then the family sees that the Germans have arrived for they are now taking the flag down from the tower. 

Artur's son asks what was the point of declaring their independence when it was only for one day?  Dad answers that now Germany has occupied an independent country and not a province of Russia.  And after Germany loses WWI, the Estonians will be free. 


Part Two:  From School Desk to a Battlefield.

The Russian government has ordered Russian troops to invade Estonia.  Near Narva [third largest city in Estonia, located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia, by the Russian border, on the Narva River which drains Lake Peipus] fighting is already taking place within Estonian borders.  That means that Narva has fallen.  Estonia calls for mobilization of its forces.  Almost all the boys agree that they will be going to the front.  The teacher comes in and tells them that only men 21 to 24 years of age will be mobilized.  Indrek says:  "And study math, while the bandits are invading."

Maret says that she doesn't intend to sit home while the men are out fighting.  Adele says they will become nurses.  And they have already signed up for nursing courses.  Indrek comes in saying to his family that he has signed up for the army today, and so did ten other boys from the class.  Adele asks about Toomas and her brothers says yes, he signed up too. 

Toomas readies himself by packing up some warm clothing.  He is helped by Sammal and Asta. 

December 6 and the schools are closed in Tallinn.  So Toomas writes in a letter to his family.  Dad says he's not sure if it's the right thing to fight big Russia.  And now Tony wants to join the army. 

It's Christmas Eve.  Indrek, Toomas and Anton come to the Kallaste house.  They have just gotten their military uniforms and they ask for the women's help, because the uniforms don't have all their buttons. Toomas says he doesn't think that the training they received was very thorough.  Father tells Indrek not to think that war is a picnic.  He now announces that he quit his law practice.  He will be working with General Laidoner. 

A man on the streets speaks out against the Estonian government by the wealthy.  He says the workers must overthrow the government.  The student guard comes in and tells the crowd to disperse.  The men say to take the weapons away from the boys.  They start fighting to take the boys' rifles from them.  Their leader Plumpuu shoots his pistol into the air once and the people start running away.  The boys fire their weapons, some of them only up into the air, but they see there is blood on the street and know that someone got shot. 

Indrek brings Toomas and three soldiers to his house for dinner.  Adele sits next to Toomas.  An English ship kept the Russians from coming ashore today.  The talk upsets mother and she asks Indrek not to act too fearless when they go to the front.  Indrek promises he won't.  Dad says they all have to have a stiff drink to send the men off to war.  He brings out the vodka. 

Maret says the first Finnish troops have arrived.  Toomas comments that the Russians are only 20 miles away from them.  They fire off their artillery from Harju Hill.  Adele takes Toomas to her room and has him pick out one of her books to take to the war.  She also asks Toomas to write to her as often as possible.  She provides Toomas with pen and notebook.  She also asks him to look after Indrek.  And Toomas himself must return to her. 

The boys are now in combat with the Russian troops.  The heavy boy in the class gets hit and loses his leg.  The guys are forced to retreat.  In the trenches Toomas writes to Adele.  He says at first the war was interesting and exciting, but only until they drove the enemy out.  Now the enemy is back again.  Everybody has lost their eagerness.  He gets frustrated and tears the paper up. 

Maret and Adele are at their nursing jobs in a hospital.  They see their first really hurt man with blood all over him.  Adele stands there like she's frozen.  The head nurse tells Adele to go get the man some morphine. 

Toomas finds the Russian fire-controller up in a tree.  He sneaks back to the trenches to tell Plumpuu. 

Adele cries over what she has seen.  She says she can't handle all this blood.  Maret tells her she will help Adele.  Her sister must pull herself together.  Adele speaks of the wounds, the stink and the screaming.  The head nurse tells Adele that she will get used to it.  Adele says she can't get used to it, but the head nurse tells her that everybody gets used to it.  She gives Adele something to drink and tells her not to ask what it is.  Oh, and down it all at once.  Adele does so and she is strongly affected by the drink having a hard time catching her breath.  Now the head nurse tells her to go apply the bandages. 

The officer tells Toomas and the others that they are not going to kill the fire-controller.  That will just put the Russians on further alert.  Instead, they are going to attack the mill where the reds have a scouting party of sailors, and they need to take a few of them alive.  When the fighting starts, then two volunteers will take the "crow" down.  The two volunteers go take their positions.  The rest of the men will go through the forest for 3 kilometer to join Captain Laursen's battalion.  He'll take over their command.    

Artur's brother, Oswald, complains that the half-reds in the Constituent Assembly are going to take away the manors.  He tells his German wife that he will have to talk to Artur because he's one of those responsible for this mess. 

Plumpuu is going to climb up the tree and bring the "crow" down alive using his knife.  Having accomplished that, the officer (now Lt. Ploompuu, the former P.E. teacher) sends a messenger back for the boys to move onto the mill now.  Toomas is put in charge of the prisoner.  When the shooting starts the Estonian volunteer for the reds takes off.  Toomas won't shoot him, but the officer shoots the man down. 

The boys now join the assault on the mill which looks very well defended.  Captain Laursen wants to attack across an open field, but Ploompuu says that's just stupidity.  Laursen tells the lieutenant to obey his command.  They attack.  At least three men go down, but they kill the machine gun crew.  They take the mill. 

Ploompuu tells the men to grab up the dead and they will all head for the armored train.  As they walk on, an enemy opens up on them.  Then the Russian soldier tries to run away.  Ploompuu nails him with his rifle.  They go take a look at the guy who looks Asian. One of the Estonians says don't tell me we're fighting the Chinese now! 

Artur tells his wife that they can't avoid war with German Landeswehr [a national defense force].   And yesterday the Estonian armored train was attacked near Vonnu/Cesis. And they are still fighting the reds in North Latvia.  And Indrek is near Valga [a town in southern Estonia and the capital of Valga County]. 

The three nurses start smoking.  A doctor comes in saying that the nurses must get back to work because they just brought in eight injured men.  The sisters haven't gotten any mail for two weeks from either Toomas or Indrek. 

Artur's brother, Oswald, comes marching into Artur's office, saying that the socialists and the other parasites are grabbing the manors and dividing them up among people.  Oswald asks why is he being robbed?  Artur tells him that manors, including the German ones, are a thing of the past.  And what has Oswald done for Estonia?  He hasn't shed blood or sweat for Estonia.  Oswald gets mad and says don't expect him to do anything for Artur's potato state.  He leaves. 

Toomas writes that they have captured Pihkva and Petseri and freed North Latvia from the reds.  He also writes that Indrek is fine.  Indrek, Toomas and another soldier go into one of the abandoned manor houses.  They find some booze and Cuban cigars.  Indrek plays the piano and the two others dance.  The three are now captured by three Russians. 


Part Three:  War is War. 

June 1919.  Maret continues her work as a nurse.  Meanwhile, the three prisoners of war are being beaten up in an attempt to force them to talk.  The interrogator asks the guys if they want to be beaten up again?  He says they already know that the boys are on the fifth armored train.  What he wants to know is where has their unit been and how many are in their unit?  The guy with Indrek and Toomas, named Juhan, tries to escape and is shot in the back.  He's dead.  The interrogator orders the two prisoners be taken to the wall.   The boys are about to be executed when one of the firing squad is hit and goes down.  The unit is here to save the boys.  A second Russian goes down.  Indrek and Toomas capture their interrogator.  The dead Estonian soldier was with his brother, Nikolai,and now the living brother cries over the dead brother.  Both Indrek and Toomas feel terrible about their part in the one brother's death. 

At the hospital, the hero Erik, who is paralyzed from the waist down, now just wants to die, giving Maret a hard time in her attempts to help him get better.

A fellow soldiers comes into the barracks and tells the guys that the commissar they captured was an important man.  They roughed him up and he started talking.  The reds are in panic mode with most of them hiding behind Pskov [located in Russia about 20 kilometers (12 mi) east from the Estonian border, on the Velikaya River].  And on the commissar they found papers that list which officers the reds were going to kill when they took over Estonia. 

The unit gets a new man, named Ilmar.  He's from Tartu. The boys ask Ilmar how he survived the fighting for Tartu?  Ilmar says he survived but his uncle was killed.  The reds killed 20 people, including several priests.  The new guy strums the dead man's guitar and Nikolai is going to knock the guy down, but the others in the barracks stop Nikolai, saying that the new guy doesn't know anything about what happed to Nikolai's brother. 

Town of Valga, June 1919.  Toomas and two others break into an old German food storage building.  They take out a small barrel of strawberry jam and transport it to the barracks.  The guys all grab their spoons and dig into the jam.  Everyone gets diarrhea from the jam. 

Artur's brother decides that before the war ends, he's going to join the army.  He is just worried about losing his manor.  He says those who are fighting are going to get land, and those who are not fighting will lose land. 

The guys finish eating the strawberry jam, so they steal another barrel of the jam from a unit who has confiscated lots of goodies. 

Erik tells nurse Maret that his parents are very poor and he doesn't want to be a burden on them.  Maret talks a lot to the patient to help give him something to live for.  He finally says he will start eating his food, if she will bring him some paper and a pen so he can write to his friends. 

North Latvia, June 21, 1919.  Toomas writes to Adele.  He says everyone is fine, but Juhan Ots was killed two weeks ago when the Germans took over Cēsis [known in Estonia as Võnnu, Cēsis is a town in northeast Latvia located in the northern part of the Central Vidzeme Upland].  They tried to force the Germans out, but they were defeated. 

News comes that the Germans are on the move again.  The guys in the barracks decide to take the initiative and attack some of the German outposts.  They leave a note for Ploompuu.  In the morning, the train is ready to leave and Ploompuu finally finds the note in one of the box cars.  He is not happy with his men. 

The boys come across an abandoned, old horse and use it to carry their packs.  The guys come across a fortified German position and lay down to discuss what they should do.  The Germans in a pill box have already spotted them and wonder why they are delaying their assault.  One Germans says may be they are just deserters. 

The boys decide to create a distraction using their horse.  The Germans see it and two of them come out to investigate the situation. All three of the Germans are captured.  The boys ask if the Germans have mined the railway? Yes, they have.  So they take the prisoners to the railway and make one of them start digging a mine out from underneath a rail.  The German gets scared and won't pull the mine out after having dug some of the earth off the mine.  So Toomas takes the mine out.  He then disarms the mine.  They let their prisoners go.  The guys grab the German machine gun. 

Now Ploompuu shows up with a soldier.  He holds his pistol on the guys.  He is furious with them and says they will have to go before a war court for what they did. The guys say they were just showing some initiative.  The officer says that sometimes patiently waiting is what is required in war.  The Germans are going to launch a general offensive today and the boys run away like little brats.  In their defense, the guys say they neutralized a mine under the railway tracks and took over a machine gun pillbox. 

Ploompuu says they will stay her and stop the German advance until their own forces can arrive and take over.  He then sends out two scouts.  They start fighting each other because one guy has been bullying the guy who is new to the unit and doesn't like it.  All of a sudden, they see the Germans, stop fighting and run back to Ploompuu.  They estimate that about 40 Germans will be here in 15 minutes.  The men take up their positions. 

When the Germans get close, Ploompuu gives the order to shoot and the group, including the machine gunners, open up on the enemy.  They kill some of the enemy.  The Estonian new guy gets killed trying to save the horse.  A German throws a hand grenade at the pillbox and a piece of shrapnel hits soldier Jaan in the head.  The Germans have to retreat. 

The head nurse tells Maret that she has done wonders for the hero patient.  Adele tells Maret that maybe their hero is in love with Maret. 

Colonel Reek reports that the German troops have been pushed back.  And he tells his boys that each of them is up for a medal of honor.  The horse has been wounded and Ploompuu shoots the horse dead. 

The hero patient is much better and can soon be going home.  He thanks Maret for all her support of him. 

At Artur's house, there's only he and his wife now.  Reet the maid went to the market place.  Artur is busy reading the paper.  His wife complains that she has been trying to get his attention for half an hour.  She thinks he is worrying about something in the paper.  Artur is finally aware of her presence and says actually Estonia is standing firmer than ever before in the war. 

Brother Oswald is finally is in an Estonian military uniform. He hasn't been given a rank yet. 

The hero Erik tries to give Maret a necklace, but she won't take it.  So he puts it on an end table, just in case she changes her mind.  Later Maret tells Adele about the necklace and she says she made him promise to take the necklace home with him.  The head nurse tells the sisters that Erik is not going home because his home burned down, and his family died in the fire.  As they discuss the matter, they hear a shot fired.  They run into the hospital ward and find that Erik has killed himself with a pistol. 


Part 4:  Quo Vadis?

The Estonians are in Russia now.  They buy bread from some of the Russian women at the railway station.  Toomas buys a book from a young woman.  The other women tell the Estonians that the woman's husband is a Russian commissar and the last time they saw her her husband had beaten her very badly for selling books. 

Lots of guys go to the Russian dance.  It's mostly just women there.  Toomas says he'll go take a look.  He sees the woman book seller.  She goes over to him and they dance together.  After the dance, Toomas learns that the woman is very unhappy.  Her husband killed her brother and married her.  The woman comes back again to dance with Toomas.  Later she pulls him outdoors.  He asks her if she wants him to take her home, and she has a good laugh and asks if all Estonians are as serious as Toomas?   Of course, she wants to have him walk her home.  When they get to her house, she opens the locked door.  She tells Toomas he's so quiet, and then she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him.  She now brings him into the house and they start making out. 

A man just outside the house watches what the two are doing inside.  They go to bed.  In the morning, the woman gets sad again because she knows he will be moving out with his unit. 

Toomas reports to his unit, but they are not leaving today.  So he puts some food in his knapsack and goes back to see the commissar's wife.  A woman tells him that Nastja is down at the swing.  He goes down to the village swing.  Nastja says that they killed her brother because he was with the white army and not the red army.  To cheer her up, Toomas gives her some strawberry jam and a spoon.  She tells Toomas that he's such a kind person. 

Later, Indrek asks Toomas if he doesn't think he's going too far with the commissar's wife?  Toomas says that Indrek is just worried about his sister, Adele.  He tells the fellow that he intends to tell Adele everything.  He goes to see Nastja.  He tells her they are leaving tomorrow.  She replies that and this happens now that she has fallen in love with him.  He says the war is almost ended and he will take her with him.  She asks if Toomas has lost his mind?  He says that he already asked his lieutenant and he promised to get Nastja to Tallinn.  His father will meet her. 

Toomas say goodbye to Nastja and adds that he will be back in a couple of days. 

Toomas does come back, but he finds Nastja hanging by the neck from the big swing set.  Toomas returns to his barracks. 

Indrek wrote to Maret and Maret now tells Adele that Toomas had a affair with a married Russian woman and he wanted to bring her to Estonia and marry her.  She adds that the poor woman was hanged by her husband. 

Oswald is unhappy with the low-quality jobs the army has given him to do.  The soldier, Leo Solba, who he's talking to tells him that he should be glad that he's not at the front.  There's still heavy fighting at Narva.  Oswald says that his nephew Indrek Kallaste is at Narva now.  The soldier says it's a small world.  Indrek was one of his schoolmates.  Oswald also tells the soldier that he's afraid of losing his land.  The fellow asks what kind of buildings are on the manor?  When Oswald mentions a distillery, the soldier suggests that Oswald open a spirits factory.  That will earn him enough money to save his manor.  Oswald is so impressed by the fellow that he says when peace returns he will have him and his father over to his manor and they will talk about opening a liquor factory.

January 3, 1920.  The armistice has been declared at 10:30 a.m.  The Estonian soldiers are very pleased.  Toomas talks to Indrek about finishing up with hiis gymnasium and then going on to the university.  Indrek tells him that he will help him.  He wants Toomas to come to his house, but Toomas does not want to see Adele now because of what happened.

Oswald now comes back home.  After the family reunites, the wife says that they are going to expropriate their land.  Husband says he's going to start a spirit factory.

Indrek returns to  a very warm reception indeed. 

Artur told a former prime minister, Konstantin, that he should open a bank to make his fortune.  The man did and the bank did well.  The man comes to see solicitor Artur.  The man says now that they have won the war, they have to rebuild the country.  And for that one needs successful businesses.  And today this is a time of big opportunities.  Konstantin is offering Artur a partnership in an interesting project in connection with Russia. 

Toomas goes back to see the people at his old boarding house.  Sammal and Asta welcome him with open arms.  Toomas says he already went home to see his folks.  The young man is floored when Sammal says he is sober now and married to Asta.  Sammal says that they have also established a small sewing business.  They ask Toomas what he's going to do and he says he wants to study law in Tartu. 

Artur declines to be partners with Konstantin. 

June 1920.  The principal of the school says that today the students are receiving the Cross of Freedom together with their Gymnasium diplomas. Their names include Toomas Roo and Indrek Kallaste. 

One day Adele comes to see Toomas in the boarding house.  She tells Toomas that he looks like he just saw a ghost.  Adele tells him that he could have written directly to her about everything that happened.  Toomas say he thought it would be inappropriate.   She blames it all on the stresses of the war.  She says she wants to continue being friends with Toomas.  Toomas says that's a great relief.  Adele adds that she wants him to come to her birthday party.  Mostly family will be there.  Toomas says yes. 

Later, Sammal says that the woman who just visited Toomas is a fine looking lady.  Toomas says she invited him to her birthday party, but he can't go because he doesn't have a suit.  Sammal the tailor says he will make him a suit, and he will pay for it later. 

Oswald introduces the young Leo Solba to his wife as the managing director of their new spirit factor.  The wife is a bit worried, but Solba assures her that he has thoroughly studied the plans and nothing major will go wrong. 

Sammal works on making a suit, while his wife teaches Toomas how to dance. 

Oswald signs a check to give to Solba for the building and machine materials. 

Toomas gets a letter that he doesn't like and crumbles it up. 

The birthday party is in progress.  Maret is going to be a doctor and Indrek wants to be a solicitor.  Adele doesn't know what she wants to do, but mother says she thinks she will go to Tartu University to study languages. 

Adele is so relieved when Toomas arrives at the party.  After the party, Adele takes Toomas to her room and they hug and kiss.  They each tell the other that they love each other.  Adele is a little surprised when Toomas tells her he is re-enlisting in the army and then will go to Officer Candidate's School.  Adele is disappointed that he's not going to Tartu University, but Toomas tells her that his parents can't support him.  Moreover, their farm is in a bad state.  Adele is upset that Toomas didn't discuss the matter with her first. She says that her family could help him.  She pleads with Toomas, saying that if something happened to him, she couldn't live.  They can't come to an agreement, so they won't be taking the romance any farther. Toomas leaves. 


Part Five:  Affairs of the Heart.

 Summer 1925.  Gunshots are heard.  Toomas' father grabs his rifle.  Now they hear a knock at the door.  Dad opens the door and says hands up!  But it's just Toomas at their door.  Toomas comes inside.  Mother looks so relieved that it's Toomas, but now she wants to know why didn't he tell her that he was coming?  Did he come all the way from Haapsalu on foot?  He says that he came by train and then did some walking, but in all it's only a distance of 10 kilometers.  He is in his uniform and has been a lieutenant already for three days.  Then he asks his father why did he greet him with a rifle in his hands?  Dads says that some spirit smugglers were just shooting around his place. 

Marju is sleeping in the back.  A young man comes knocking on Marju's window.   His name is Enn, and Marju wants to know what's he doing around her window at midnight.  He asks her to bring him a cloth because he scratched his arm badly.  She looks at his bloody hand and says that he needs a doctor.  He tells her just to make a bandage for him. 

Meanwhile, Toomas is eating.  He says he served two years in Setumaa in the southeast corner of Estonia.  Then he got invited to Tallinn and the School of Officers.  So, during the December 1 riot, Toomas was in Tallinn.  He says yes but he was just defending the airport.  And now Toomas has a couple of months off before he goes back.   He adds that he will become the chief of the local border guard station in September.  Then he says Captain Ploompuu is the chief of the border guards in Haapsalu. 

Marju sends Enn away and closes the windows.  The next morning Toomas finds Enn sleeping outside.  He asks if the fellow is the new hired hand and Enn says yes. 

Indrek comes to his father's place and meets the secretary, Aliis Krauberg.  He kisses her hand.  He likes what he sees. 

Dad tells Toomas that Enn is just plain lazy.  The family starts scything the crop and Enn goes slowly.  Toomas wonders if Marju likes him, but dad says Marju is too fine a girl to go with a half-wit like Enn.  But when they take a break and Enn lays down Marju tickles his nose and ears when he's trying to sleep.  He finally awakens and is happy to see her.  He goes, however, a little to far by grabbing and kissing her.  She pushes him off her and moves elsewhere. 

Konstantin comes in to see Artur and tells him that his bank, Harju Bank, is about to go bankrupt.  So, he's looking for a buyer. 

Enn gets in to see Marju through the back windows by saying he will go see Aili if she doesn't cooperate.  So, she lets him in.  He tells her that he loves her.  She says she doesn't believe him. 

Toomas got a letter from Adele asking for a chance to discuss their disagreement again, but that letter is now old. 

Enn seems involved with the smugglers and he is told that if Toomas causes too much trouble for them, then Enn will have to do something about it. 

Toomas confronts Enn about the spirit smuggling.  He warns Enn that if he's in the smuggling business, he will catch Enn and put him away.  Enn says Toomas won't catch anyone.  Toomas adds that he knows the difference from a bad scratch and a bullet wound. 

Indrek drives out to see Toomas.  They haven't seen each other for five years.  Indrek asks if Toomas has become a fisherman?  No, he's just helping out his father while he's on vacation.  Indrek tells him that Adele married Leo Solba, who now is a big businessman.  He invites Toomas over to his uncle's place anyway.  Indrek drives Toomas to his uncle's place and there he greets Leo and meets Uncle Oswald. 

Artur is now in Helsinki, Finland on business. 

Toomas is on his way to see the sisters.  They are arguing about their different approaches to live.  Maret is in medical school and Adele can't stand what she has to study. Maret tells her:  "Better to have a profession and be free than live with a tyrant."  She then asks Adele if she is satisfied with Leo?  Adele says that Leo is sweet and she is satisfied with him.  And she is able to write her romance novels.  Maret says she will never marry because she doesn't want anyone in authority over her. 

Just then they see Toomas come walking by the river.  Adele drops some of her pages of her new novel. 

Marju tells Enn that she is pregnant.  She cries about how is she going to tell her parents?  Enn says that he will marry her.  And now Marju is so happy that she jumps into Enn's arms. 

Toomas picks up the papers and takes them to the sisters.  They are happy to see him, but it's a real surprise for them.  Toomas says for him too.  He says Indrek forced him to come along to uncle's place. Maret asks didn't he want to come?  Toomas says yes, he did.  Maret now leaves to let the two be alone. 

Enn goes to talk to his future father-in-law.  He keeps speaking obliquely, until dad realizes what he's trying to say.  And he gets angry.  He grabs a tool to hit Enn with.  His wife stops him and he tells her that Enn has been with their daughter.  Now dad says he will go inside and get his rifle.  He comes running out of the house, yelling that he will kill Enn.  He catches up with Enn and starts throwing him around, but the two women arrive and protect Enn.  Dad gets up, shouting that Enn ruined his daughter.  Enn picks a bad time to ask dad for a house and some land.  Of course, dad says no.  Marju worriedly asks:  "Where are we going to live then?"  Dad replies:  "Go and live in the swamp!"  So now Enn says he will then just go his own way.  He walks off.  Mom and daughter cry and dad still fumes. 

Leo introduces Tuudur Tamm, the representative of their Dutch partner in Estonia, to Oswald and his wife.  Adele comes over to tell Leo and the guys that the women are bored.  They want to dance.  Indrek tells Toomas that one reason he brought Toomas to uncle's place is because the sisters love to dance and he has to dance with both of them.  He wants Toomas to share the dancing chores. 

Konstantin has sold his house to Finnish people.  And now he can pay-off all of Artur's invoices.  That makes Artur very happy. 

Maret scolds her sister for acting scandalously.  She says sister has drunken too much liquor and is flirting too much with Toomas.  She says her character has stepped out of her own book pages.  And even Leo has noticed how she has been acting.  Adele says she has the right to sometimes act wantonly. 

At night Leo balls out his wife for her behavior.  Adele wants to just go to sleep, but Leo is too wound up to let her do that.  He starts getting sexually aroused by the situation and his wife's behavior.

Toomas' parents toss and turn in bed worrying about what they should do about their daughter and Enn? 

In the morning, Indrek was supposed to go with Toomas for a swim, but now Indrek is too tired to go.  So Toomas decides to go by himself.  He goes nude into the water to swim.  Soon he is joined by Maret.  She flirts with him too. 

At breakfast Maret talks about her little encounter with a naked army man on her swim.  Adele says she will start swimming early too.  Her husband gets upset again.  Now the two guys and two girls go outside to play football (soccer).  Again Adele is flirting with Toomas. Aunt asks uncle if Adele isn't being a little bit too scandalous?  Uncle now agrees. 

Toomas goes to his room.  Adele comes in and locks the door.  The two kiss each other passionately. They start having sex.  When they finish, Adele quickly leaves his room. 


Part Six:  Of Love and Friendship.

Summer 1925.  Captain Ploompuu comes riding on his motorcycle down a dirt road in the woods.  Two men wait for him in the forest. As he passes by, they fire a warning shot in his direction.  The captain dives off his motorcycle.  He fires a shot in the direction of whence the first shot came.  A man warns the captain to leave their business alone, or next time the shot will be much closer to hitting the captain.  Ploompuu can't see the fellows, who are now running away. 

It's Enn and another smugglers involved in the shooting.  The older man says he doesn't think the captain will be messing with them anymore.  Now, they should go and prepare the area because today a bigger load is coming in. 

Leo shows up and wants to talk with his wife.  The other three leave.  Leo tells Adele that she was supposed to be going today with him to Tallinn.  Adele responds that she doesn't want to go.  She went swimming.  Leo says but they promised to go.  Leo says they have duties that must be performed.  Adele says:  "You have duties, not I."  Now she walks off in a huff.

Now Leo tells Toomas he wants to have a talk with him.  He asks Toomas to take a walk with him.  Leo says he wants Toomas to quit flirting with his wife.  Toomas denies that he is flirting with Adele.  He says they are just old friends.  Then Leo says he thinks it would be best if Toomas left today.  Toomas says he will only go if Indrek or Oswald asks him to go.  Leo shouts that Toomas will go because he can't just let Toomas take his wife away from him!  Leo now starts beating Toomas with a horse whip, but Toomas easily fights him off. 

Toomas decides to leave the manor.  That makes Maret mad at him because she sees the change in her sister for the better.  She sees Toomas as just so good for Adele.  Toomas says he still has to leave.  Maret asks if Leo asked him to leave?  He says he doesn't want to get her sister  into trouble.  In disgust, Maret throws Toomas's hat at him.  She says that if he leaves Adele will be much sadder.  So now Toomas is really conflicted about what he should do. 

Artur and Maria talk about how Konstantin always seems to land on his feet like a cat.  Artur says he admires the man's ability to rise to the top. 

Toomas and Adele go out on on a row boat on the lake.  Rain threatens.  Indrek and Maret go inside the manor house.  When they get to the other sides of the lake Toomas and Adele start kissing each other. 

Father and Enn talk together.  Dad says that he's glad that Enn accepts the child as his own.  And dad says that he will give the couple a piece of land where they can make a living.  It's not enough for Enn.  He says:  "You are a lousy master and even a more lousy father."  Enn says he's not settling for anything less than half a farm.  Dad gets so mad that he threatens to kill Enn with his pitchfork.  Enn takes off. 

Adele asks why didn't Toomas write to her, because she would have agreed to anything.  He says that army life would not suit her.  She protests:  "But look at the life I'm living now.  You should have answered."   She says she will still go anywhere Toomas goes. 

Adele and Toomas come back holding hands.  The whole family comes out on the patio to watch them come up to the house.  Toomas suggests maybe they should walk some more to avoid the reception.  Adele says it doesn't matter anymore. 

Mother tells father not to be so hard on Enn because what are they going to do if Enn really just takes off and leaves?  She suggests that dad be kind to Enn.  So dad goes over to talk to Enn.  Enn tells dad that he still wants half the land, and he wants to move into the main house because it has so many rooms.  Dad says what if Tony comes home, gets married and also wants to live in the house?  Enn says if one has land, one has money, and he'll use the money to build a new house, with dad and Tony's help.  Dad, however, just doesn't want to live under the same roof as Enn.  Again Enn threatens to leave. 

Indrek comes to Toomas' room.  He is worried that Toomas is going to hurt his sister again.  Toomas says he has no intent to hurt Adele.  Indrek asks but how will Adele go on after Toomas leaves?  He tells Toomas to really think about what he wants and then do that.  He says he will leave tomorrow morning.  Will that make Inderk happy?  Yes.

At night Captain Ploompuu is out looking for smugglers  He shouts for Enn and his boss, Jass Sarapik, to raise their hands in the air.  The boat has already gone so the smugglers are not worried.  Sarapik tells Enn they have no choice but to render Ploompuu harmless. 

The next morning Toomas throws his suitcase in the back of Indrek's fancy car.  Adele hears the car start up.  She rushes over to her window and looks out.  Her eyes start to water.  Leo has a little smile on his face. 

Konstantin tells Artur that he is going to take this piece of land and make it into a model farm.  And all this will be in accordance with the newest agricultural and veterinary sciences ideas.  Artur tells the man to be careful not to let those Russian opportunities swallow him up.  Konstantin says the Russians are communists, not maniacs. 

Indrek drops Toomas by the shore where he first picked him up.  He tells Toomas that they can still be friends and Toomas says:  "Naturally."  Toomas walks into his house and finds Marju crying.  He wants to know what his sister is crying about?   Mom says that Marju is pregnant, but Enn doesn't want Marju any more.  If Enn doesn't get what he wants, half the farm, he won't acknowledge that the child is his.  Toomas gets his pistol and goes after Enn.  The two guys start fighting and the pistol goes off.  The family runs out of the house and over to the shore, where the two men are still fighting.  Toomas overpowers the fellow and gets him to say he will marry Marju.  When Enn is let up, he tells Toomas that his father is not giving him enough land on which to bring up a family.  Toomas says he is owed a part of the land.  He will ask for the land and then turn the land over to Marju.  And they will help Enn build his house.  That makes Enn happy. 

Maria is sad that soon she and Artur will be alone in the house. She leaves the breakfast table to have a cry. 

Indrek brings Aliis some flowers at work.  He tells her she forgot about their agreement.  She promised to go on a joyride with him when he came back to work. 

Toomas gets ready to start work with the border guard. 

Adele is back to being very sad around the manor house.

Toomas will have a room in the border guard house. 

Indrek takes Aliis on the joyride and he stops by the coast.  He has brought a picnic basket and a blanket. 

Ploompuu talks with Toomas about the liquor smuggling problem.  He says it's all because of Finland's stupid prohibition law.  Ploompuu also says that something's really bothering Toomas, but he guesses Toomas will talk about it when he's ready. 

Artur doesn't like it that Indrek took his employee Aliis on a joyride and a picnic.  He says he doesn't want his employees to exhaust themselves after work.  The next day Indrek asks Aliis to go to the opera with him.  She's thrilled at the idea.  They go to the opera.  After the opera she thanks Indrek very much for taking her.  Indrek kisses Aliis, but she pushes him away.  So Indrek assumes that she doesn't want him and sort of apologizes to her for even trying. 

The Roo family get the news that Tony has died in an accident at the ammunition depot. 

Artur has it out with Indrek over Aliis.  Artur wants to know what's going on between his son and his secretary.  Indrek says he has no right to ask that.  They start raising their voices and mother comes in and tells them to stop arguing.  After mother leaves, Indrek says he thinks there's something between Aliis and father.  Artur basically admits to it, but says he has never acted on it because he has a family.  Indrek now tells his father that he can't work with him.  He is going to get another job in a different law firm. 

The Roo family go to Tony's funeral.  Dad asks Toomas to take over the farm, but Toomas says no. 

Indrek gets another job.  He says goodbye to Aliis.  Aliis then starts really banging on the typewriter.  Artur comes out and she tells him that she has to leave his employ.  He tells her that he needs her and that she can't go.  She hugs Artur and he thinks she wants to be kissed, but she pulls back from him when he does kiss her. 

Father Roo is very upset.  He says to his wife they had two sons and now they have none to take care of the farm.  His wife says maybe they should ask Marju and Enn to come back.  Father agrees, but he's not happy about it. 

So Enn and Marju come to live in the farm house.  One day Leo comes over and asks Enn to be his business partner.  He wants Enn's brother-in-law's every action watched.  They need to know where it's safe to load the liquor barrels.  The two men shake hands. 

Toomas takes a drive to the manor house dressed in his uniform.  Adele sees him.  He walks over to her.  He asks her to come with him, for good.  Adele immediately grabs his face and kisses him.  He says:  "I can't be without you."  She goes away with Toomas.  He takes her to the border guard house.  She tells him:  "Now, everything is good."


Part Seven:  Firewater.

Summer 1933.  The postman says hello to Adele and then tells her that books are being burned in Germany. He then adds that soon any book written by the Jews will be burned as well.  Adele keeps on coughing a lot.  The postman now hands a letter for Toomas to Adele.  She opens the letter and reads it.  Toomas comes out, sees the letter and asks if the army has appointed him to the post in Tallinn?  No.  Adele says they will keep on trying.  She says she really thinks she is degenerating down here at this post.  Adele tells him that she has no desire to even open a book, much less write one.  That upsets Toomas and he goes into the house. 

At the breakfast table, Indrek and his father read the newspaper.  Indrek says that Estonia's economy is suffocating.  So they had to devalue the Estonian crown. 

Leo sends out a shipment of liquor.  Oswald asks him where was the shipment sent?  Leo lies and says to the State Spirit Monopoly.   A skeptical Oswald asks why is the spirit production constantly diminishing while the amount of the raw material has stayed the same?  He suspects that some of the liquor is set aside for other purposes.  Leo takes Oswald to go check over their bookkeeping because he's tired of Oswald always being suspicious of him. 

Mother asks Indrek to fill in at their bridge game because tonight they're a person short.   Indrek tells her that he's taking Imbi to the cinema tonight.  Mom says he has been with so many girls lately that she can't keep track of them all. 

Toomas tells Adele that he and Ploompuu are organizing an ambush tonight at Kirbuneeme so he'll be away for the night.  Adele is disgusted.  She seems really depressed.  So Toomas says he will ask for some vacation and they will go to Tallinn together. 

On his way to work, Indrek is passed by a motorcyclist.  He gets a bit angry about this and follows very closely behind the motorcycle.  That causes the motorcyclist to pick up speed.  Indrek comes around a corner and finds the motorcyclist has had an accident.  The motorcyclist turns out to be a young woman and she's mad because Indrek was mad because she passed him on the road.  Indrek says he wasn't mad and tries to help her up, but she keeps yelling at him to leave her alone.  She tries to get up by herself but her leg hurts her too badly.  So Indrek picks her up and carries her to his car to take her to a hospital. 

Konstantin is in the Landtag denouncing the devaluation of the crown.  He asks just what is the economic policy of Prime Minister Jaan Tõnisson?  He says there is no economic policy. 

Father Roo complains to Enn that he has done nothing around the farm.  He says his son-in-law is just a trafficker.  Marju with her boy come around the corner and daughter tells father to stop picking on Enn. 

Enn takes Marju and the boy over to Toomas' place.  Later he drives in the forest and comes across Toomas walking.  He stops to give Toomas a ride, but Toomas says he won't write in that old car because it smells like firewater.  That makes Enn mad and he drives off. 

Adele tells Marju that Toomas won't be here tonight because he is setting up an ambush at Kirbuneeme.  That was a mistake for now Marju will tell Enn. 

The ambush is in place, but no one shows up.  Ploompuu says that Toomas is going to leave the area.  Toomas says it's because his wife's health is not good.  His home life has become quite tense because Adele has had great difficulty in accommodating to her new life.  She hates living in the middle of nowhere.  And they have been here for eight years now. 

Enn and the guys load up the boat with liquor.  He tells the guys that Adele tells Marju everything without her even asking Adele.  Enn asks Leo if he is doing all this for reasons of revenge?  Leo threatens violence, but is stopped by one of the other men. 

The next morning Toomas tells Ploompuu that there was a delivery of illegal liquor last night.  Ploompuu is very angry saying that the smugglers seem to always know where the border guard won't be. 

Indrek brings some roses to the female motorcyclist who has to wear a cast on her leg.  Her name is Liivet.  He says he got her name and address from the hospital and he has come to inquire about Liivet's health.  Her father, Martin Liivet, comes over to talk with Indrek.  He refers to Indrek as the cause of the accident and asks what's his occupation?  Indrek says he's a lawyer for Tallinn Granary.  Martin says he knows his father, who has helped Martin several times.  Indrek says he knows all about Martin, Estonia's King of Butter.  Dad takes a liking to Indrek, but Livi is not so sure about him.  Dads says that Indrek is the first of her devotees with some essence about him.  Usually she is surrounded by want-to-be poets, artists and other windbags.  Livi tells him to stop with his matchmaking. 

Sammal runs into Toomas.  He is pleased that Toomas is now an army lieutenant.  He convinces Toomas to go with him to have a drink of vodka. 

Adele talks with sister Maret.  She has changed quite a bit.  Now Maret loves material things, especially fancy dresses.  And she goes out on lots of dates, but she still hasn't found Mr. Right.  Maret thinks living in the countryside must be great, but Adele just breaks down and starts crying. 

Sammal buys Toomas a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant.  He tells Toomas that he is now a millionaire.  He credits getting married as the secret to his success.  He says his wife is the brains of his outfit. 

Maret says that Adele needs a little vacation and she can stay here at the manor.  She adds that she doesn't like Adele's cough.  She wants to examine her in the hospital.  Adele says she can't leave Toomas alone, and even though they fight a lot, she loves him more than ever.  Maret comments:  "Then you are happier than me." 

Toomas returns home a little tipsy.  The whole family greets him.  Later he talks to Indrek about how he has tried and tried to get transferred to Tallinn.  But the governments keeps switching and they haven't even looked at his transfer case.  Indrek isn't much help and soon the guys are arguing.  Dad comes out and scolds the two brothers-in-arms.  They both settle down. 

Toomas and Adele are back home now and old man depression visits her once again.  Toomas picks her up and carries her into the house. 

Indrek takes Livi out in his car. 

Toomas tells Adele that the smugglers always seen to know where the border guard will be.  Adele thinks about that and tells Toomas she told Marju where Toomas was going.  Toomas asks his wife if Marju always asks where he is going?  Basically, yes.  Toomas gets mad and reminds Adele that he has told her again and again not to blab about what he's doing and where he's going.  He says so this is really all his fault, but:  "how was I to know that you can't keep your mouth shut."

Toomas confesses to Ploompuu to messing up the ambushes.  He says they should arrest his brother-in-law Enn, but Ploompuu says they have no real evidence on Enn.  Ploompuu tells Toomas to keep dropping the names of places on the border where the border guard is going to be set up an ambush.  He will appoint a man to watch Enn and then they will catch the criminals red handed. 

Toomas goes home and Adele begs him to forgive her.  He says it's really her that should forgive him.  He was the one doing the blabbing:  "It was my own fault."  He sits down and sees a letter addressed to him.  He reads that his wife loves him. He goes over to her and hugs her.   

Marju asks Adele where is Toomas going tonight and Adele tells her a place where they are definitely not going, but Marju won't know that. 

The raid is on for tonight because they know where Enn is going.  They catch the men red-handed, but they start a fire-fight.  Two men, including Enn, were hit by gun fire.  The others got away in their truck.  Marju shows up and finds Enn dead.  She cries over the body.  Ploompuu now tells Toomas to get away from his sister.  He will handle sister for Toomas. 

Leo tells Jass that they better lay low for awhile.  Jass agrees. 

Adele is so happy that Toomas is safe and back home.  Toomas tells her that Enn is dead.  Toomas says he feels bad for his sister.  Adele says she doesn't share his view on that because Marju took advantage of her all those times she came out to help her around the house.

Toomas tells Adele that he now wants her to go to Tallinn and stay with her family for awhile.  He says Ploompuu will be writing a report on him, and he doesn't think the army is going to let him stay in the service.  So:  "Life here is over, one way or the other."  And he wants Adele to promise to go see a doctor.

Toomas' father comes to see Toomas.  He tells his son that yesterday they buried Enn. Marju was frantic.  Toomas says what happened is Marju's own fault.  Dad agrees, but now he begs Toomas to take over the farm.  Toomas tells him that he just can't do it.  They plan to move to Tallinn. 

Leo comes to see Adele in Tallinn. 

The army cleared Toomas of any wrongdoing.  In a way, Toomas is disappointed.


Part Eight:  Veterans of the War of Independence. 

August, 1933.  Ploompuu speaks to the veterans and does it quite well..  He says their parliament is too big.  It should be half its present size.  And in each electoral district only one candidate must get elected.  Toomas is in the audience.

Ploompuu is satisfied with the way things are going on the job.  After the catastrophe for the smugglers, the criminals seem to have taken a break for awhile.  And Ploompuu thanks Toomas because Sammal gave a big donation to the veterans.  He sees that Toomas is a bit down, so he asks when is Adele coming back?  She's already been gone a month. 

Leo comes to see Oswald and his wife.  Leo complains that the young people don't visit them anymore and they miss their energy and happiness.  Leo hears and sees Indrek driving up to the manor.  He wonders out loud what could he possibly want?  Oswald says that Indrek is going over the bookkeeping for him. 

Artur talks to Konstantin, who is going to resign his post.  Artur asks why does he have to do this right now?  Konstantin says he wasn't going to wait for them to boo him out of office.  Artur doesn't think it's wise for the government to be handed over to the Veterans of the War of Independence.

Indrek finishes looking over the financial books and says that everything seems to be in order.  He tells Leo that he may be right that the deficit is caused by the out-of-date machinery.

Indrek is now married to Livi  And Adele and Maret seem to be having a great deal of fun together going to parties and such.  Adele, however, still has her cough.  And the time is 2 a.m.  Adele has a long cough and spits up blood.   

Maret the doctor examines Adele and finds that she has tuberculosis in its early stage.  She now wants to send Adele to a resort in Italy.  Adele says she will have to think about this for awhile.  She happens to mention that she's getting a ride with Leo.  Maret tells sister that she is playing with fire.  Adele says she can't think about that now.

Indrek tells his father that the other day he saw his father-in-law go into the Soviet embassy.  He is doing very well with his businesses in Russia.  But he has heard some disturbing things about the man 's businesses.  Dad says he hasn't heard anything negative about the man.  Indrek now mentions that his father-in-law has offered him a job as a lawyer with the firm and a partnership in the business.  Dad tells Indrek to take the job.

Leo drops Adele at her home.  She tells him that now she wants to be alone.  Leo ignores her desires and goes into her bedroom as she lays curled up on her bed.  He tells her that they all want to see Adele back at the manor.  He has bought part of the manor and he will make it available to her.  She tells him to go away.  Leo actually leaves.  Adele starts crying,

Leo's father-in-law is back at the Russian embassy.  The ambassador says that in 1922 the Estonian businessman was going bankrupt:  " . . . and your business started blooming only because of us.  It still blooms, which means you have certain obligations."  He adds that certain people want to see Martin Liivet in the Soviet Union where they cansee  him.  Martin is worried by the purges in Russia.  He says the Russian team he first started working with is now all gone, and the substitutes are all afraid to make any decisions. 

The ambassador says he's going to lay his cards on the table.  In 1924 they had an uprising and the government had no strength.  Zinovjev acted foolishly and they failed, but this time they are strong.  He brags that their military technology is the best in the world.  He says the Russians will be back and people like Martin will help them. Martin says he won't cooperate with Russia in that case.  The ambassador just laughs, basically saying that Martin will have no choice.  Martin grabs his pistol and points it at the ambassador  Indrek comes in at this point and wants to know what's going on?  The ambassador says that this is all just a big joke. He tells Leo that they were just talking about the war years.  Indrek says he will leave now.

The ambassador scolds Martin for his foolishness.  Even if Martin had shot the ambassador, the Russians would track Martin and his family down no matter where they might run to. 

Toomas' parents are talking about finding a manservant for the farm.  Dad says they simply can't do it.  His wife says they can't keep up with all their chores.  The grain will be spoiled. 

Marju tells her son that his father is dead because Uncle Toomas is guilty of killing him.  Uncle is the murderer of Siim's father. 

Toomas confronts Leo about bothering Adele.  Leo says that he's still legally married to Adele and cares about her health, which is something that Toomas ruined.  So he will come and go as he pleases. 

Toomas now confronts Adele.  She tells him that she has been seeing Leo.  Toomas takes the roses Leo gave her and tosses them out the window.  He tells her that she should have thrown the roses away herself.  She asks why should she do that? 

Adele wants to stay in Tallinn.  He tries to find another solution, but she accuses him of not caring about her health. If Toomas had cared, she says, they would have left the seaside long ago. She blames Toomas for her health situation.  Adele also tells Toomas that it's wrong of him to not let her accept some money from her parents.  "You'd rather let me die than swallow your pride." 

Toomas tells Adele they should separate for awhile as she is too rich, too distinguished and too sick for him.  He kisses her and then leaves. 

Maret is mad at Toomas for upsetting Adele so badly.  She tells her sister that this is the last thing she needed to hear from Toomas.  Adele starts packing her clothes to go back to Toomas.  Maret says, as her sister's doctor, she won't allow Adele to go back to that damp climate.  "You won't survive on that windward land for more than just a few years." 

So now Adele calls up Leo so she can stay in the manor house and have some peace and quiet.  Leo is just thrilled and so is Oswald and Elfriede. 

Toomas comes to visit Adele and learns that she is at the manor house with Leo and Oswald.  He has a row with Maret now.  She says Toomas is being unfair.  He tells Maret:  "Don't worry!  I won't bother Miss Adelle Kallaste again."   He leaves, but runs into Indrek. Indrek recognizes that Toomas is very upset, but he says just because Adele is at the man's place, doesn't mean that Toomas should blame him for it.  The two men go their separate ways. 

Toomas is back home with Ploompuu. 

Maret saves a man from choking to death.  He tells Maret his name is Rein Saluson.  She smiles and says she thought he looked familiar.  He is a cartoonist, but says that his real passion is painting and he would like to do a painting of Maret. 

September 1933.  Leo and Jass are back to smuggling spirits.  Toomas sees the smugglers' truck and he starts running after it.  Leo stops by the sea shore and drops the delivery off.  Jass will have to load the boat by himself.  Leo takes off in the truck.  Toomas hears the truck coming and hides.  He thinks he sees Leo go driving by him but he's not completely sure.  Toomas goes down to the shore and corners Jass.  Toomas says now he knows who's Jass' partner  --  Leo Solba.  Toomas now makes a deal with Jass.  He will forget this incident, if Jass will tell him how to catch Leo.  So Jass tells Toomas that Leo has a cellar not far from his factory and once in a while he takes a barrel or two down there.   

Toomas holds a pistol on Leo.  Leo tells him this is all about Toomas trying to get him away from Adele.  Adele now rides up on her bicycle.  She asks Toomas what's going on and then wants to know what evidence Toomas has.  He shoots the lock off the door to the cellar and goes in, but, of course, he doesn't find anything.  Leo is smart enough to move the barrels.  Now Adele believes Leo that Toomas is doing this out of his jealousy.  Toomas says it's because Leo is stealing liquor and smuggling it out   She defends Leo.  Toomas says Leo is scum and a bastard.  She says she doesn't want to see him anymore and he tells her to go to hell!  Toomas leaves. 

Rein Saluson starts painting Maret's portrait.  She takes off her clothes. 

Indrek starts searching around his father-in-law's library.  He wants to know what's going on between him and the Russians.  His wife comes in and asks him straight out if Indrek is spying on her father?  Indrek ignores the question. 

Adele writes to Toomas that their relationship is over.  She has reconciled with Leo and needs peace and rest.  She also asks him not to contact her ever again. 

Ploompuu brings a letter to Toomas.  They have finally transferred him to Tallinn. Toomas laughs bitterly.  He tells Ploompuu that Adele went back to Leo.

Leo now starts giving Adele a hard time.  He goes into the bathroom when Adele is taking a bath and calls her Sleeping Beauty and tells her:  "If you think that I will forget those eight years of humiliation, and adore you like the rest, then you are very naive."  And he tells her that he has his demands.  He pulls off his robe and climbs naked into the bath tub with Adele. 

Toomas goes with Ploompuu for a meeting of the Veterans of the War of Independence.  The speaker talks like a political fascist --  like a little Hitler.  What is Toomas getting himself into? 


Part Nine:   Silence. 

March 12, 1934.  "Today Head of State, Konstantin Päts, declared a national state of defense, using his constitutional right to do so.  Any kinds of political meetings are strictly forbidden.  All organizations and newspapers of the war veterans will be closed down.  General Johan Laidoner is appointed the head of the defense forces and of interior defense."  This martial law will be enforced for six months.  The politician Sirk was arrested.  The general now suggests that they should put a scare into the public.  Konstantin approves of the idea, but says he wants no blood to be spilt.   

August 1934.  Ploompuu is arrested on suspicion of counter-state activities.  Toomas is now arrested.  Toomas is interrogated.  He tries to tell his interrogator that he only went to some meetings and listened to the speeches.  And now it's been months since he last went to a meeting.  He says he stopped going because there was too much hate in the speeches. 

At the manor the family talks about what's going on in Estonia.  Oswald says he supports the banning of the war veteran organizations.  Indrek says he didn't like Larka's dictatorship, and he doesn't like Päts' dictatorship now.  Then in the newspaper Indrek sees something very disturbing:  "Toomas Roo was imprisoned for six years."  Oswald and Leo say Roo deserved it.  Adele gets so mad that she walks out of the dining room in a huff. 

Toomas' parents get a letter from Toomas.  He says that the authorities are going to send them to general imprisonment.  He got 6 years and Ploompuu got 10 years.  Dad and mom are very upset but Marju is happy.  Dad tells Marju that she is a "mad child".

Oswald tells Artur that Päts has overridden all democratic principles in Estonia.  Artur says none of this was his fault, and he wonders if Konstantin knows when to stop. 

Adele pleads with her father on Toomas' behalf.  She says he never supported the ideas of the war veterans.  She wants dad to get Toomas out of prison.  Leo listens to this and doesn't like it.  At night he confronts Adele and says that she still loves Toomas.   He goes ballistic and she pleads with him to stop it because she can't stand his being angry.  She lets him have sex with her. 

Toomas is let out of prison because of an amnesty.  Recently he has been digging ditches for a living.  Maret sees him and talks to the man, who is drunk.  She says she will come visit him. 

Indrek tells his wife he is tired and bored of always going out in the evening to various events.  There's no peace at all.  His wife says then they can stay at home.  She says her father is in Berlin.  This shocks Indrek

Sammal brings Toomas to his home.  Asta comes out to greet the young man.  Sammal himself was in exile on Kihnu Island.  He says they sent him down there for supporting the war veterans.  Sammal says Toomas will stay with them until he gets a better place

Päts has taken the Post Times paper from Tonisson. 

Roogvere and another man are digging ditches and taking breaks.  Toomas comes along and the two guys are happy to see him. 

Artur speaks with Konstantin.  He asks if he's sure he knows what he's doing?  Artur is upset about the silencing of Tonisson.  He even warns his friend that it will end badly for him. 

Maret comes riding along the road and stops her car.  Toomas goes over to talk to her.  She tells him she doesn't like seeing Toomas digging ditches:  "It's unfair."  She sets up an appointment to see him in the same cafe where they last saw each other to discuss the matter further. 

The Russian ambassador wants Martin to convert Indrek over to their side.  Martin says that will be very difficult. 

Her aunt tells Adele that she has not coughed for a longtime.  Adele is pregnant. 

Maret says that Toomas would benefit from seeing a psychiatrist, but since she knows Toomas won't go to one, she herself will help Toomas.  Toomas doesn't want her help.   She asks him so Toomas won't be friends with her just because of Adele?  So now Toomas says that if she really wants to help him, then can just go for long walks and talk.   

Rein Saluson asks Maret to marry him.  Maret doesn't want to marry Rein.  He says that Maret is going to marry the ditch digger.  After all, she sees him almost everyday. 

Indrek expresses his feelings about his job with his father-in-law.   He says he does nothing meaningful in his job with Martin and he knows virtually nothing about the business.  And now Indrek asks Martin:  "Why do you go to Germany with a forged passport?"  Martin says it's related to his economic activity.  He says if one works with the Russians, they expect one to afford them certain favors.  The Russians need Martin because they need someone who can speak German with the Germans and who can deliver the goods.  Martin asks if Indrek would be willing to provide favors to the Russians?  Indrek says yes. 

Maret tells her sister that she no longer has tuberculosis.  Adele tells Maret that father told her that Toomas is free.  Maret says she bumped into Toomas accidentally and they met a few times since.   He is digging ditches and he was depressed but now he's slowly coming out of it.  Now Adele is suspicious of her sister.  Maret says it was Adele's decision to go back to Leo.  Adele says that sister didn't  let Toomas follow her, because Maret wanted Toomas for herself.  Adele tells her:  "I hate you."  She leaves. 

Indrek comes out to see Toomas at his ditch digging job.  The rich man offers Toomas a job, but Toomas won't take it.  Indrek now tells Toomas that it was Adele who was the one who got Toomas out of prison. 

Päts has prolonged the state of defense.  Rein has a cartoon of a war veteran who looks like Toomas digging ditches.  The caption is:  "This time we'll overthrow the government by digging ditches."  For doing this, Maret visits Rein and slaps face with her pocket book.  He says he's sorry, but she doesn't believe him.  She starts to leave and he tries to force himself on her sexually speaking.  She only gets away, when she knees him in the balls.

Now  Sammal comes out to speak with Toomas.  Sammal is very angry saying that Einbund has been named as Minister of Interior Affairs.  Sammal tells everyone to get out of the ditch because he's going to show them how it's done.  He gives Toomas' friends some money to go buy some beers for everyone.  Off the two guys go.

Toomas says he has to find a stable job, because he has to support his parents.  He tells Maret that he has to go to his parents' farm on Sunday, so he won't be able to see her on that day.  Maret tells him that on Sunday she will give him a ride out to the farm, and she can even check on the health of his sick mother.  That makes Toomas happy. 

Indrek's wife tells him that now he is really working with her father, Indrek has forgotten all about her.  And now she tells him that she's pregnant.  Indrek is very happy about that.

Maret and Toomas come to the farm.  Father says he remembers Maret and greets her warmly.  After Toomas greets his mother, Maret asks that the men go outside so she can examine the mother.  When Maret comes out of the house, she says that the patient has appendicitis and she will take her to the hospital.  Before they go, Maret wants Toomas to take her on a little walk around the farm.  Toomas tells her he will stay on  the farm and give up the ditch digging.  Maret is very happy to hear that.  They hug and kiss.  He picks her up and walks through the wheat field with Maret in his arms.

Adele is going to have her baby. 

Toomas tells his father he is staying here to work the farm.  Dad is super happy to hear that and gives his son a big hug.


Part Ten:  What Will Be?

August 1939.  On the farm Toomas walks with his little girl, Leili. 

Leo is running around with a young girl now.  Adele lost her baby girl, named Karin, and she can't have any more children.  Adele tells Leo that he has sunk to a new low sleeping with factory girls.  He says the girl Silvia might give him a son one day.  Adele storms out of the  room. 

At the farm, Toomas says that's a Russian plane flying overhead.

September 3, 1939.  The Russian ambassador talks to Martin.  He wants Indrek to spy on some people for the Russians.  They want Indrek to report on the problems that concern the Estonian leadership.  The ambassador says the Soviet Union has made Estonia a very generous offer to guarantee the country's freedom and independence.  And all the Soviet Union wants in return is some land from Estonia to establish some military bases.  Martin says that Estonia has declared its neutrality. 

Adele visits  the grave of Karin Solba. 

September 19, 1939.  Martin tells Indrek that it would be best if Estonia made an agreement with Russia and gave the Soviet Union a few military bases on Estonian land.  Indrek asks what has this to do with him?   Well, the Soviet Union does not want to go to war with Estonia as in the time of the War for Independence.  They want to know what the Estonian leaders think about these issues.  Indrek is alarmed saying that Martin is an agent of the communists.  Martin says that he is simply a mediator.   Indrek says that Martin wanted him all along for his daughter because he knew that Artur was a friend of Päts

Indrek says he will call the police, but Martin says that Indrek is already too deeply involved with both Russian and Germany to call the police.  He will never be able to  prove that he didn't know anything about what was really going on. Indrek is trapped and now he wonders if his wife didn't deliberately stage her motorcycle accident to catch him in a trap. 

Indrek marches out to the living room and asks his son Mart to go to the other room because he wants to talk with mommy.  When the boy is gone, Indrek says that her father is a bastard.  He keeps saying terrible things that his wife apparently knows nothing about.  His wife slaps his face.  Indrek now decides not to tell his wife that her father is a Soviet spy. 

Now Päts and the general have to consider the Soviet proposal.  They seem to say that the Soviet military bases are inevitable, so why fight it.

One of the Soviet agents lures Indrek's son Mart away from his mother.  When she finally realizes what has happened, she gets scared and looks around for the boy.  She sees Mart going with a stranger down a side street.  She runs down the street and finds Mart alone up on the top of the sea wall.  Of course, she's not aware that two Soviet agents watch the house.  Indrek gets so mad that he goes into Martin's room and manhandles him, while telling him what just happened.  Livi sees what's going on and Indrek has to lock her out of the room.  Now Indrek tells Martin that if this happens again, he will throw Martin out of the window. 

Now Indrek goes out to Livi.  She demands to know what's going on.  Indrek tries some lame explanations, but Livi doesn't believe him.  Livi says that, after all, it's not as if they were going bankrupt.  Indrek grabs at that and tells her yes, they are going bankrupt, so there will be no lavish lifestyle for awhile.  And now he tells her that he will leave her father's firm.  Then they will definitely have to have a more moderate lifestyle. 

Marju is moving to the farm, but she won't be staying in the house.  They will live in the storehouse.  Mother goes to speak with Marju.  She asks her to forgive Toomas.  Marju asks:  "Why does he have the right to be happy while I mourn?"  She adds that she would kill both Toomas and Maret if she only could.  Then she talks about hanging herself  ". . . if I could".

September 28, 1939.  Artur comes to see Päts.  He is upset about the 3 Soviet military bases on Estonian land.  Päts comments:  "Every day without war is a day won."  He's buying time for Estonia. 

Maret comes over to Toomas to say  that there is no Estonia any more.  "They let the Russians in."  She cries while asking what will become of us?  Maret suggests they leave the country, but Toomas says he will not leave the farm. 

Elfriede talks to Oswald about moving to Germany, but Oswald will not leave the manor. 

Russian troops now flow into Estonia. 

October 1939.  Toomas tells father that he doesn't think the Russians will stay long in Estonia.  Dad says that one cannot trust the Russians.   They may move in lock stock and barrel. 

Son Franz comes to see his parents, Elfriede and Oswald.  He was in the Estonian navy.  He says with the coming of the bases, his own country betrayed him.  And continuing in the service would mean working for Russia.  Now Elfriede says let's start packing for Germany. 

Captain Ploompuu knocks on the farm house door.  Toomas lets him in and they hug each other.  Ploompuu says he will raise a unit to be ready for war if it happens.  He asks Toomas if he will join them?  Toomas says he's no longer a soldier and he doesn't want to go to war.  If it comes to war, then he will have to think about that. 

November 1939.  Oswald says goodbye to Leo.  After the family leaves, Leo laughs at the family:  "Driving off to Germany at the invitation of that clown Hitler."  Adele says he shouldn't make fun of the family.  Leo says the hell with it, he's finally his own master.  Adele tells him it won't be for long, because soon "new partners" will arrive.  Now Leo tells her that he bought the whole factory and the manor from Oswald. 

Oswald and Elfriede come over to say goodbye to Artur and his family.  They have time before their train leaves.  Artur learns from Oswald that the family will be living in "Great Germany", which means Poland.  Germany is inviting the Germans living in Estonia to live in Germany. 

June 1940.  Martin argues with Indrek saying that Estonia is still peaceful, while thousands are being killed in Finland by the Russians.  Indrek says that's nice for Estonia, ". . . until they cash in the interests of this nice life."

Maret goes to confront Marju about her son pulling off the arms of Leili's doll.  And she wants Marju to stop poisoning Siim with her own hatred.  Maret goes over but it does no good.  Marju is just too hateful to understand anything reasonable.  At night Maret asks Toomas to buy an airplane model for Siim. 

Indrek comments to his father that there are now more than 40,000 red army soldiers in Estonia.  He thinks Estonia should declare war on Russia.  Artur disagrees.  He says Päts is buying them some time.  Their task is to stay alive.  Now Artur really breaks the bad news to Indrek.  The Soviets are sending in more soldiers and want to form a new government in Estonia.  Indrek says that's the end of it.  It means the Estonians giving up their own nation to Russia.  He adds:  "We'll never get it back."  Artur says he told Päts that very thing, but now they won't even let him get into see Päts anymore

Maret and Toomas come home.  Siim and Leili are gone. The parents start panicking thinking that maybe Simm took Leili out to the bog.  They run toward the bog.  They find Simm, but not Leili.  Maret asks Siim where's Leili and the boy says he didn't want to Leili to have the farm.  Mother told him that they have nowhere to live, because aunt and uncle have taken everything from them.  He even says his mother told him to take Leili out into the forest so they could get rid of the little girl.  Toomas takes off toward the bog.  He finds the doll that Leili dropped.  Then he continues walking and finds her sitting with her back to a tree right next to the bog lake.  Toomas is so relived to find his daughter alive. 

Maret is deliriously happy to have her girl back in her arms.  Now she tells her husband that when he talks to Marju talk nicely to her and asks for her forgiveness.  Toomas says he has nothing to ask forgiveness for.  Maret says she knows that, but Marju doesn't and she expects Toomas to ask her for forgiveness.  Toomas says they should throw Marju off the farm. 

Toomas and his father watch as Soviet soldiers do some surveying of the coastline.  Toomas goes over and asks the surveyor what are the surveying?  The surveyor turns around.  It's Anton who fought alongside Toomas in the War of Independence.  Toomas is shocked to see his old friend.  Anton says that he graduated from Moscow University as a geodesist. Then they put him in the army.  He says his parents were executed in 1933 as enemies of the state.  Toomas asks what are they going to build here?  A defense structure.  Toomas asks how will he get to the sea?  Anton says he doesn't make those decisions.  He says goodbye to Toomas.

Leo is reading Karl Marx to help him pretend he's a communist.  He has invited some communist employees over to make a little communist cell in Estonia.  He tells Adele that he's trying to save their skins.  He wants Adele to participate in the cell.  Adele says she will have no part of the cell. 

Maret tells Toomas that Adele has written her a letter saying that now Leo has turned "red".  He's even lecturing the workers on Karl Marx.  He even wants to  join the communist party. 

There's a new prime minister for Estonia:  Johannes Vares.    Toomas broods out by the sea.  He tells Maret:  "It seemed like a day.  20 years of freedom in 700 years."

Indrek tortures Martin by saying that people in Estonia are disappearing, and in the factory one worker informs on another.  He calls Martin a Judas.  Martin talks about working with the Soviets in the 1920s.  This time he talks about it with his daughter in the room.  He said he thought he could outsmart the Russians and do some good for himself and his country.  Dad keeps on drinking his liquor. 

Siim sees Toomas hiding something in the hay stack.  When Toomas leaves, Siim retrieves the something.  It turns out to be Toomas' pistol.  


Part 11:  Sinking Ship. 

July 1, 1940.  A Soviet soldier come to the Roo family farm.  He informs the two men that the lands of this farm will now become the property of the Soviet army.  They are to read through the land transfer document and to sign it.  Dad says he won't sign it because it's robbery.  The soldier tells dad to suit himself, but the coastal part of his land will be part of the military base.  They may get to go to sea, but only with a special permit. 

The Russians are installing barbed wire.  Toomas goes down and starts yelling at the Russians and especially at Anton.  Anton tells Toomas that he's gambling with his very life.  Toomas says Anton could have warned him, but Anton says he did not know until he just got his recent orders.

Adele comes into the manor house and sees Silvia with her husband.  Silvia leaves the house.  Adele says she's leaving and she will tell her father everything.  Leo is not concerned because the Russians are already arresting lawyers.  Her father has lost his influence.  In fact, he's going to Siberia unless he will go over to the side of the reds and seriously repent for his errors.  So, if Adele wants to live, she must stay here.  He says:  "Be happy that I won't extradite you as the daughter of the bourgeoisie."   

July 10, 1940.   Päts is still the president of the Estonian Republic, but the Soviets are going to run the next elections like Soviet elections where there is only one candidate running. 

The former Russian ambassador is now in a Soviet army uniform.  He talks with Martin, saying that the working class now has the real power in Estonia.  And Martin will hand his business over to the state.  He will then have to repent his sins in the newspapers.  Furthermore, Martin will have to proclaim that Estonia should be one of the the the republics of the USSR.  Martin tears up the paper the man brought. 

Leo tells his cell that he is handing over his business to the state.  Silvia claps the loudest.  One of the men at the meeting is none other than Rein.  He gets up and says their candidate running for the State Council is comrade Leo Solba.  Adele now walks out of the room. 

July 18, 1940.  The top Estonian general is send to Moscow.  The State Council enforces Soviet power in the whole of Estonia. 

Päts tells Artur that he no longer wants to the the president of Estonia any more.  Artur tells Päts that he should leave Estonia.  Päts now says that he just signed his resignation papers.  And for the immediate future all he wants is to go to his farm in Kloostrimetsa. 

July 30, 1940.  Adele is leaving to go to her parents' house.  Martin writes out a letter to the family.  Indrek comes in to speak with his wife and child.  As they talk a pistol shot is heard.  Marin has shot himself in the head.  Marta is very upset.  In his note dad tells the family that they must leave Estonia for they are still under surveillance.  The family pretends they are just going out for a little jaunt in the car and they leave Martin's house. 

Adele is greeted warmly by Reet.  Mother tells Adele that she shouldn't be riding around in these troubled times.  She says the president was taken away, and all the parish heads were discharged.  People are disappearing.  Artur gets off the phone and tells the family that Martin Liived has been killed by their son Indrek.  It could have just as easily been a suicide.  He just wishes that Indrek would have called him. 

Indrek talks with Toomas about getting out of Estonia.  Toomas says they have to hide Indrek's car and then find a boat and wait for the right time.  He says Indrek and his family can stay in the barn.

Adele comes back to the manor.  Silvia and Leo are both stinking drunk.  Adele says she's going to bed, but Leo says first she must get permission.  He insists that Adele sit with them and have a drink of vodka.  He also screams at Adele to sing with them. 

The former Russian ambassador comes to Roo's house looking for Indrek.  Toomas insists that Indrek is not a friend of his.  Toomas then asks what did Indrek do to make the army come looking for him?   Indrek murdered a man. 

Adele discovers Silvia hiding under a desk.  She says she's hiding because they came in a car and took Leo away, and she hid under the desk so they wouldn't take her.  Leo is coming back and Silivia asks Adele to hide her.  Adele takes her up to the attic.  Leo comes in still very angry.  He says that Silvia blabbed that he praises Stalin during the day and mocks him at night.  He says he's going to send the girl to Siberia. 

Toomas tells the refugees that he has found a boat for them and with good weather they will be in Sweden in one night.  He says they better go quickly because it's been broadcast that Indrek is the murderer of Martin Liivet.  Marju has come to the barn to check on the strange things goings on.  She listens to her brother talking with strangers.  Toomas says they will leave tomorrow night.  Marju runs and gets a Russian soldier to come with her. 

Adele feeds Silvia, who now knows how silly she was to talk about Leo and her to others.  Adele tells Silvia that Leo blamed everything on her and how they are now looking for Silvia.  Silvia says she is an orphan and no one who would take her in.  All she has is Adele. 

Just as the family is about to start off for Sweden the Russian guards start firing at them.  Indrek demands that the boat take off and he will hold off the guard with Martin's pistol.  After the boat is on its way and Indrek has no more bullets, Indrek and Toomas surrender.

Toomas and Indrek are now in jail.  Anton comes up to the back window and taps on the bars.  Toomas goes over and gets the file from Anton.  Anton quickly runs away.  Toomas starts sawing on the window bars. 

Toomas and Indrek make their escapes.  They rest on the ground, but then someone puts a shotgun in their faces.  It's Jass and he says he will turn them into the Russians.  Jass, however, takes the guys to Plumpuu instead.  Jass tells Plumpuu that he was playing a joke on the guys.

Indrek comes home to his parents and they are very relieved to see him. 

Adele gets out of the bed with Leo in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, Leo sees her leave.  She brings money and some clothes for Silvia.  Adele tells Silvia to take the train to Tartu because it's easier to hide there.  She then tells Silvia to hurry because Leo can wake up at any time. 

The family gives Indrek some supplies.  He only tells them that he's headed for the forest. 

Leo waits for Silvia then he knocks her down saying she's going to Siberia.  Adele hits him over the head with a bottle.  Silvia gets away.  When Leo gets up he punches Adele in the nose.  Adele grabs a big candle stick holder and repeatedly strikes Leon on the head. 

Artur thinks the communists are going to come after him.  At his place of work Artur is arrested.  And his wife is put under house arrest.   It sounds like the couple is going to be sent to Siberia.

Toomas comes home to his wife and daughter.  He tells them that he has only a couple of minutes to visit with them.


Part 12:.  State of Glass.

June 10, 1941.  Marju trails Maret as she walks to the meeting place in the forest with Toomas. Maret is able to get shed of her.  She meets up with Toomas.  They hug and kiss each other repeatedly. 

Sammal and Asta join in with Plumpuu's group.  Indrek is there also, along with Toomas.  Toomas tells Indrek that soon the Germans will be marching on to Britain. Indrek wishes the Germans would turn on Russia,. 

A Russian family now lives with the Kallaste family in their home.  Adele comes for a visit and then Maret arrives.  Adele is not happy to see Maret.  When the two sisters are alone Maret asks for her sister's forgiveness.  Adele says she just wants Toomas to be happy.  Her sister assures her that Toomas is happy. 

Marju comes into the main house and searches through Maret's drawers.  Her mother catches her, and says that Marju sold out her brother to the Russians, and now Marju is trying to harm Maret is some way.  "You have sold your soul and for what?  For spirit."  Marju says that Maret acts more like Siim's mother than she does.  So she hates Maret.  And Maret has also won over mother to her.  Mother tells Marju to get out of her sight!  Mother also asks how did Marju ever get this hateful?  Marju cries and hugs her mother saying she doesn't know how to be normal anymore.

June 13, 1941. Leo goes out for the day, leaving Adele in the manor house.  Maret tells Toomas that his mother has cancer and will soon die.  She has about two months to live.   Toomas says he will visit his mother at 2 a.m. tonight.  Maret says it too dangerous, but Toomas insists.  A pregnant Silvia visits with Adele.  She now works as a maid for a man she likes named Heino. who has now asked her to marry him.

June 14, 1941.  Rein comes with Russians soldier to the Roo farm.  He wants to know where Toomas is. Maret can't believe he's doing this kind of job.  He reads a decision that the following people will be expatriated:  Toomas Roo, Maret Roo, Leili Roo, Joosep Roo and Inge Roo.  They have one hour to pack their things.  They'll be going to Siberia. 

Siim has Toomas' pistol he found in the hay stack.  Now he opens fire on the reds.  He shoots his mother.  She's dead.  The Russians finish loading the people onto the truck.  They leave, but the truck breaks down in the forest.

Toomas runs into Siim in the forest. Siim tells him that they took everyone away in a truck.  Toomas and Siim start running.  Toomas gets behind the Russian officer with his automatic weapon.  He then gets away with his family through the forest.  The officer tells his team that there was nobody at home at the Roo farm house.  Nobody! 

The family goes back to the farm house.  They bury mother and Marju. 

Leo comes home.  He has a satchel with him and he hides it in a shed.  Adele questions Leo until he yells at her to stop questioning him.  A little later Adele says at night half of the Estonians were arrested to be taken to Siberia.  Wagons full of people are waiting in the stations guarded by gunmen. 

June 22, 1941.  Germany attacks the Soviet Union.  A big hurrah goes up among Plumpuu's men.  And now the group is getting ready to fight the Russians as they pull out of Estonia and to prepare for the arrival of the Germans. 

Leo goes out to the shed.  Adele follows him.  In the middle of the night when Leo is sleeping she gets his keys and goes into the shed.  She pulls the satchel from its hiding place.  Inside the satchel she finds it filled with jewelry, including a piece of jewelry she had given to Silvia to sell when she needed money.

Plumpuu says that the Russians are fleeing from all fronts.  More than 2 million Russian soldiers are POWs.  And the Germans are reaching the sea at Kunda, so the Russians won't have Tallinn for long.  Maret pulls Toomas to the side and says she fears for Adele in Tallinn, all alone with Leo.   Toomas takes a bike and rides off for Tallin and the manor house. 

Leo packs up his belongings in and on his car.  Adele tells him to leave her here.  Some Estonian reds saw what happened and will attack the house after dark.  Leo goes to get his jewels.  Adele follows him and tells him that he deported Silvia and her family and robbed the valuables of the people.  So she locks Leo in the shed to leave him there for the Germans. 

The Estonians decide to go ahead and go into the manor house.  When Adele goes into the house, the Destroyer Battalion surrounds her.  One of the men takes Adele into another room to rape her.

Toomas runs into a Russian officer.   He knocks the man down and takes his pistol only to discover that it's Anton, his old army buddy.  Toomas gives the pistol back to Anton and tells him not to go back to Russian but stay and fight along with the Estonians.  While they are talking, with a pistol in Anton's hand, a shot rings out.  Indrek runs up to Toomas, who balls Indrek out for killing Anton.  Indrek says all he saw was a Russian officer with a gun pointed at Toomas.  Indrek feels really bad about killing Anton.  Toomas says they have to get to Tallinn. 

The Estonian is raping Adele.  Then she is raped by another Estonian red.  After that, they tell a young Estonian to go rape the woman.  He, however, doesn't want to.  So they order him at the point of s  rifle to shoot the woman.  The young man shoots Adele. 

Toomas and Indrek arrive at the manor.  They force the animals to drop their weapons and stand with their faces to the wall.  Toomas goes to check the rooms for Adele.  He finds her alive but very bloody.  She tells Toomas:  "I love you."  She dies. 

Toomas comes back to the three animals and kills them with his automatic weapon. 

They bury Adele.  By the morning, Leo finally gets out of the shed with the help of a crow-bar.  He finds the three Estonians dead on the floor in the manor house.  And now in comes the Germans.  Surprise.  It's Franz, the son of Oswald and Elfriede.  Leo is about to get away when Silvia rushes in to report that Leo worked with the Russians and became a communist.  He's a murderer, deporter and traitor.  Franz checks Leo's documents that substantiate Siliva's accusations. 

Leo is taken out and shot by a firing squad. 

Toomas and Indrek return to the forest.  Toomas has to tell Maret that Adele is dead.  Maret, of course, cries for her sister. 

August 28, 1941.  Reval is free of the Russians now courtesy of the Germans.   The Estonians welcome the Germans in as conquering heroes. 

Plumpuu's group puts up the Estonian flag.  A German officer says let the Estonians put up their flags.  Let them think they can restore their state.  But tomorrow the German flags will be raised. 

Indrek comes back home with Toomas.  Mother learns that Adele is dead.  Indrek learns that his family is alive and in Sweden. 

Indrek tells Toomas that their country was like it was made of glass.  You drop it once and it's broken.  Toomas says the country might return one day.  They hug each other and then Toomas leaves to go home. 

Toomas  is back home with Maret and Leili and his father. 



Terrific movie.  It kept my interest throughout.  And I saw quite a bit of Estonian history, which I knew nothing about.  There are lots of love and hate stories too in this historical drama.  The acting was good pretty much all around. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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