YUGOSLAVIA (Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Monte Negro, Slovakia)



Serbia (& others):

Boj na Kosovu (translation Battle of Kosovo) (1989)  – a Serbian film that depicts the historical Battle of Kosovo between Medieval Serbia and the Ottoman Empire, 1389

Banovic Strahinja (1983) – late 14th century. medieval Serbia. attacked by Ottoman invaders; nobleman Banovic Strahinja searches for his kidnapped wife

Seljacka buna 1573 (1975)  --  peasant revolt of 1573 in Croatia and Slovenia (being heavily taxed to fight off the Turks)

Konjanik (2003) – Croatian film about a Muslim girl and a Christian guy fall in love despite it being forbidden; set in 18th c. on the border of Bosnia and Dalmatia, Ottoman Empire and Venetian Republic

Timocka buna (1983)  --  set at the time of the Timok Rebellion, 1883, in Serbia;  nationalist peasant anarchism



Assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand:

Fall of Eagles (1974) (TV miniseries)  --  fall of Habsburg, Hohenzollern and Romanov dynasties in WWI

De Mayerling a Sarajevo (From Mayerling to Sarajevo) (1940)  --  lead-up to the assassination of the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand and his wife

Sarajevski atentat (The Day that Shook the World) (1975)   -- events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

X   Sarajevski atentat (1972)  --  events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

Sarajevski atentat (1968)  --  events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand

Gavre Princip - Himmel unter Steinen (Death of a Schoolboy) (1990) –assassin of Archduke Ferdinand

Weltuntergang (1984) – a local doctor is put in charge of the investigation into the assassinated of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie by Gabriel Princip


And the Ship Sails On  (1983)  --  Serbian war refugees

Carlston za Ognjenku (Tears for Sale) (2008) –  after WWI 2/3 of Serbian men were killed;  two sisters plan to kidnap some men 



The Balkans:  Yugoslavia and Albania

The Battle of Neretva (1969) -- Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia and 1943 victory of Tito's partisans

X  The Fifth Offensive (1973)  --  this film deals with the climactic battle between the Yugoslavians and the Germans along the Sutjeska River

X  Uncerdoaver (1943)  -- Yugoslavian family fights guerrilla warfare to stop the Germans from taking their town

Pad Italije (The Fall of Italy) (1981) --  in Yugoslavia a Partisan commander fighting the Italians goes overboard with his men during and after the war

X  Il generale dell'armata morte (The General of the Dead Army)  --  an Italian general is sent to Albania with an army chaplain to bring back the remains of 3,000 of their soldiers; a German is there doing the same thing; but can it be done?


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Bombaski proces (1978)  --Tito from history as young communist to communist president of Yugoslavia

Cetverored (1999)  -- based on the Bleiburg massacre May 1945 toward the end of WWII of fascist Croatians by Yugoslavian communists under Tito

Tito i ja (Tito and Me) (1992)  --  a small boy writes the best essay in honor of Tito, Yugoslavia's strong man

Otac na sluzbenom putu (When Father Was Away on Business) (1985)  --  boy whose father was sent to prison by Tito thinks he's away on business

Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) -- journalists in war in Bosnia become emotionally involved

Harrison's Flowers (2000)  --  woman searches for her photographer husband in war-torn Yugoslavia

Grbavica (Esma's Secret: Grbavica) (2005)  --  systematic rapes of Bosnian women by Serbian troops has terrible after effects

Where Eskimos Live (2002)  --  man and war orphan bind to each other while on a journey through war-torn Bosnia

No Man's Land (2001)  --  a Bosnian & a Serbian soldier, both wounded, find themselves together stranded in no man's land

Savior (1998)  --  a  hard-hearted Foreign Legion mercenary softens his heart when confronted with atrocities during the fighting in Bosnia

Shot Through the Heart (1998)  --  two friends on opposing sides in the Bosnia-Serbia conflict find themselves at odds

Lepa sela lepo gore (Pretty Village, Pretty Flame) (1996)  --  two men who grew up together find themselves on opposing sides in the Bosnia-Serbia conflict

Guerreros (Warriors) (2002)  --  Spanish soldiers at war in Kosovo in 2000

Go West (2005)  --  a homosexual couple wants to flee Serbia for western Europe to escape all the violence

Behind Enemy Lines (2001)  --  American pilots downed behind Serb lines

Chico (2001)  --  a determined communist filled with rage sees the overthrow of Allende in Chile, becomes an idealistic political journalist and ends up fighting for Croatia against the Serbs

Tirana, année zéro (Tirana Year Zero) (2002)  --   problems of a young couple in post-communist Albania considering moving out of the country like so many others

X  Burgu i Mërgimit (The Prison of Migration) --  1990s Albania; suffering of ex-patriate Albanians including staying out of jails of ex-Yugoslavia

Zivot je cudo  (Life is a Miracle) (2004)  --  in Bosnia 1992, a man ignores the signs of the coming war  ($29)

Savrseni krug (The Perfect Circle) (1997) – Bosnian poet befriends two orphans and they all try to survive the hell of the siege of Sarajevo (currently unavailable)

The Hunting Party (2007)  --  in search of a Serbian war criminal that the CIA, etc. can't (or won't?) catch

Résolution 819 (Resolution 819) (2008) --    the Bosnia War's Srebrenica massacre

Alia: A Bosniac Rhapsody (2008) --  Bosnian War

X  The Living and the Dead  --  Bosnian Croat Army defends its homeland in the Yugoslavian Civil War

Stille Sehnsuchi (Warchild) (2006)  --  a mother searches for her daughter taken from her when the family was forced into an internment camp

X  Armin --  a father takes his son Armin on a trip from Bosnia to Croatia

Peacekeepers (Warriors) (1999)  --  British soldiers sent to Bosnia on a peacekeeping mission and from the start they are up to their necks in troubling situations

X  War Crimes (2005)--  six recent British graduates travel to Bosnia and are confronted by the war there; they desperately try to get out of Bosnia alive

Mathilde (2004)  --  during the Balkans War, in Croatia Colonel Pertis of the U.N. falls in love with Mathilde, a local girl, and he loses his perspective on his duties

X  Special Relationship (2010)  --  Pres. Clinton of the USA dominates the close relationship he has with British P.M. Tony Blair; but with the Monica Lewinsky Affair, Clinton takes a back-set to Blair

Demony wojny wedlug Goi (Demons of War) (1998)  --  Polish UN peacekeepers in the Yugoslavian civil war (the Balkan War)

Jours tranquilles à Sarajevo (Quiet Days at Sarajevo)  (1999) --  the quiet hours enjoyed by city residents in spite war and death raging around them