Zero Dark Thirty (2012)




Director:     Kathryn Bigelow.

Starring:     Jason Clarke (Dan),  Reda Kateb (Ammar),   Jessica Chastain (Maya),   Kyle Chandler (Joseph Bradley),  Jennifer Ehle (Jessica),  Harold Perrineau (Jack),  Jeremy Strong (Thomas),  J.J. Kandel (J.J.),  Wahab Sheikh (Detainee on Monitor),  Alexander Karim (Detainee on Monitor),  Nabil Elouahabi (Detainee on Monitor),  Aymen Hamdouchi (Detainee on Monitor),  Simon Abkarian (Detainee on Monitor),  Ali Marhyar (Interrogator on Monitor),  Parker Sawyers (Interrogator on Monitor),   Akin Gazi (Interrogator on Monitor),  Derek Siow (Interrogator on Monitor),  Fares Fares (Hakim), Mohammad K. (Cargo Ship Detainee), Henry Garrett (Bagram Guard), Homayoun Ershadi (Hassan Ghul),  Darshan Aulakh (Pakistani Detention Center Guard),  Navdeep Singh (Faraj Courier),  Yoav Levi (Abu Faraj al-Libbi),  Sukhdeep Singh (Pakistani Guard at Marriott),  Musa Sattari (Human Khalil al-Balawi).

the killing of Osama Bin Laden of 9/11 infamy



Spoiler Warning:

Just finished watching Zero Dark Thirty in a movie theater.  My wife, son and I all thought the movie was very good.  I was especially happy to see a woman hero in the film because usually war films have mostly male casts.  But here the hero of the film is a very determined female.  (My son tells me it was a big group of women who worked to get Bin Laden, but they compacted all the females into the character of Maya.)  I'm still happy it was a female hero in the film.

The first half hour or so was not so pleasant to watch because of the concentration on the use by Americans of torture to get information from the detainees.  The only thing positive I can say about this is that at least it wasn't as bad as many other films concentrating on torture.  Was glad when Obama appeared on television saying that they were scraping the method of torture.

The next theme was the research of Maya and her plans to get Osama.  A lot of names were thrown around and at times it did drag a bit.  But I like Maya and her determination not to be deterred by the power structure in the CIA.  She even got one CIA bureau chief removed from his post for not backing her plans to get Obama.

The secret to getting Osama was to find and follow his courier.  That eventually led to Osama's hide-out. 

The killing of Osama dominated the last half hour or so.  That was the most intense of the scenes in the film.   In this fight, Osama and company had not a chance against the great technology of the United States, plus the thorough selection of and training of the hit squad. 

The acting was pretty solid all around.  Jessica Chastain, as the hero, was especially good. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 



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